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10 years of 'see me' in 10 minutes

No description

'see me' Scotland

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of 10 years of 'see me' in 10 minutes

Our journey towards ending the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health in Scotland
Connected - Innovative - Inclusive

10 years of 'see me' in 10 minutes

8th October 2002 - 'see me' is launched and a collaborative anti-stigma movement is born
And we have always connected with people to form local partnerships
We got people talking in the media
We challenged poor reporting
2004 we focused on making a difference in the workplace
And we gained awards
And our collaboration took 'see me' to the cross-party group
In 2005 we highlighted stigma among young people
A Positive Frame of Mind
National Photography
Competition 2009; 2010; 2011
We have always striven for effective messages
We have always innovated
Over 500 organisations have collaborated with 'see me' since 2003
And spoke
We got hundreds of young people involved in the campaign
We measured, and demonstrated, the difference 'see me' made
Our partnerships grew
We worked with local partners to develop innovative ways to tackle stigma
We researched where people experienced stigma
And developed targeted messages
We used creative approaches to include the public in campaigning
We reached beyond photos to include more people
We gave grants to local 'see me' partners
They promoted inclusiveness
Our fantastic volunteers have helped people to understand the impact of discrimination
- in the papers...
...on TV
and the Parliament
Winning awards along the way
We have collaborated with many football clubs
And engaged with people through other sports too
We have shared learning internationally and welcomed visitors to learn from us
We collaborated with hundreds of young people again
And we always continue to innovate!
Our partners increased and diversified
Through 500 organisations we have included thousands of people in 'see me'
And launched a new young people campaign in 2012
We refined our messages to ensure effectiveness
We know the campaign is making a difference
We bring people together
We are creative
We collaborate
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