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The War in Afghanistan

No description

Brooke Grieger

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan Struggle for Democracy Resurgence
of the Taliban Opium Production and
Poppy Fields The current war in Afghanistan can be broken into three categories:
Afghan's struggle for democracy, conflict over the eradication of illegal poppy fields, and the resurgence of the Taliban. Afghanistan:
A Brief History BBC News 1980s Soviet occupation U.S. support Mujahadeen 1996 Taliban rule begins

Hard-line version of Islam -No women's rights
-Strict Punishments (amputation,
stoning, public executions)
-No TV, radio, or music Taliban rule declines following 9/11 Hamid Karzai becomes leader of
power-sharing government December 2001. Karzai recently re-elected Many unhappy with
Karzai's government Louis Quail, Guardian News reporter Noor Akor “I’ll vote for a real Afghan, someone who cares for the people, who can bring security, tranquility and prosperity. President Karzai has two passports and 200 bodyguards every time he travels; he is not a real Afghan” Qudriya Yazdan Parast “I am always in danger. It is dangerous for all female activists.” Women's Rights No Taliban=more rights,
but not equal rights. Self-immolation According to
Humanitarian News and Analysis, True democracy November 2008, acid incident in Kandahar city Karzai: Perpetrators would be “severely punished”
for their brutal actions. Result of:
-Corrupt police
-Karzai's regime "too soft"
(Louis Quail) Taliban today:
-Long-time members
-Groups associated with Al-Qaeda
-Afghan citizens Tim McGirk, TIME Magazine ...who sense that "U.S. and the other Western nations are
losing the heart for battle " and notice areas controlled are
"relatively peaceful." -McGirk Obama's current strategy:
-30,000 more troops
-mid 2011 withdrawal date
-Ultimately, force negociations with Taliban Why Poppy? "An Analysis of the Opium Situation in Afghanistan"
by Jesse Zanavich Major poppy-growing factors -Dry, arid climate
-2 growing seasons
-Withstand drought
-Labor intensive #1. Most profitable crop in Afghanistan. Wheat: $390 per hectare
Opium: $4,600 per hectare Eradication? Pros:
-Opium is illegal
-Causes addiction According to CBS,
Afghanistan currently produces 90% of the world's opium. Cons:
-Farmers' livelihoods
-Sickness and disease
-Rebellion, more support for Taliban No decision has been made (Zanavich) In Conclusion:
1. Fight for democracy
2. Taliban resurgence
3. Conflict over poppy cultivation
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