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lake type place

Sam Sonius

on 29 July 2011

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Transcript of WETLANDS

Wetlands A plain with a lake like area in Northern America, Northern Europe, Northern Asia, and Canada. Bogs/Fens animals: frogs live in the U.S. and they eat masquitoes and other insects. More ex: beetles, butterflies, and salamandres. plants: Venus fly trap it eats insects, it is green, &and is in 2in tall.
more ex are: moss, peat, wild cranberry, & a sundew. climate: cold & moist, -2 degreses, no seasons, & has often floods Marshes Animals: Alligaters live in nothern U.S and Canada they will eat anything that moves. More ex: dragonfly, muskrats, raccons,and turtles. climate: moist and humid have no seasons with only 5in of rain and have floods. Natural Resoursces: water animals and plants. Soil is for the plants to grow. The Elmley Marsh The Oregon Marsh plants: cattails have green stems but are brown on top, get up to ten feet tall, and are used as homes by muskrats. More ex: Cord Grass, Reeds, Spike Grass, and Wild Cranberries. The Northern Bog The Alpine Bog and Fen
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