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soft rock

No description

Jujuana Reid

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of soft rock

soft rock
one of the pioneers of this genre is a group called "The Carpenter"
interesting facts
Barry made the whole world sing in the 70's all his songs
when it started
it came from folk rock in the late 60's in the United States & UK
synthesizer-electronic family
There are many artist in this genre
soft rock is a sub genre of rock & roll
its similar to r&b , folk rock , & smooth jazz
this genre formed because it wanted to focus more on love , everyday life , & relationships
some instruments used in soft rock are drums , 12 string guitar , synthesizer , piano , & bass guitar
bass & 12 string guitar-string family
piano & drums-percussion family
their names were Karen & Richard Carpenter (they are siblings)
they are a duet from new heven , connecticut & started making music in the late 60's
Some are Barry Manilow , Billy Joel , & Phil Collins
as testament to his musical significance , Barry was introduced onto the songwriters Hall of Fame in June 2002
And has many hit songs
interesting facts
Billy Joel was born William Martian Colins on May 9th , 1949 in Bronx , New York
Barry Manilow was born June 17th 1943 in Brooklyn , New York
married super model Christie Brinkley
topped the musical charts with "uptown girl" & "we didn't start the fire"
with momentum at the top 20 single ("piano man") so he began to write more songs & albums
interesting facts
Phil Collins was born Philip David Chales Collins (age 62)
Most successful musicians in the world during the 80's after Peter Gabriel
He teamed with a few fllow students to form his first band "The Real Thing"
At an early age he showed preference for the stage & music
Barry Manilow
Billy Joel
Phil Collins
about a woman he feel in love with before he got married
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