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Romeo & Juliet - Relationships: Expectations vs. Reality

Romeo & Juliet Unit - EQ: How do relationships affect me? In this Prezi students will watch a video clip from 500 Days of Summer and discuss realistic expectations for relationships.

Adam Griffin

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Romeo & Juliet - Relationships: Expectations vs. Reality

prezi by adam griffin
"we suffer enormously from trying to force
(a) relationship to fit the (expectations) and
from the neurotic guilt and anger we
experience when we fail to pull it off."
~ M. Scott Peck
discuss this quote
what does it mean?
Why are high school students so interested in
romantic relationships with each other?

What do people expect from a relationship?
ex. Happiness? Fun? Love? Attention? A solution for loneliness?

Why do people have such high expectations for relationships?
Is it because of ... Hollywood? Hormones? Hopes?
We are going to watch a video clip from a
movie called '500 Days of Summer'

Watch for the difference between the main
character's 'EXPECTATIONS' and
what actually happens in 'REALITY'

after the clip, discuss these questions ~
How does he feel when expectations don't meet reality?
In what ways is this movie clip realistic?
What does it say about expectations in a relationship?
What other types of relationships are there? (other than romantic)
example: friendships, sibling, mentor
How do expectations change in different relationships
ex. Mother vs. Girlfriend
relationship questions
healthy expectations
what are some healthy expectations for a relationship?
ex. Safe, Kind, Selfless, Generous, Shared Beliefs
What are some unhealthy
relationship expectaions?
ex. Complete me, Make me happy, etc.
In this Unit we will
be talking a lot about
Having now discussed
expectations and reality,
how would you answer our
Unit enduring question...
How do relationships
affect me?
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