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CSF- Next Steps in your Discovery Modules

Choosing Your Discovery Modules for Level 2 and Level 3

William Young

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of CSF- Next Steps in your Discovery Modules

Creating Sustainable Futures
Discover Further
Discovery Pathway Options
After engaging with Discovery Modules at Level 1, you can think about progressing with your discovery choices in three ways:
1. Focused Discovery:
Stay in your sub-theme
If you've enjoyed a discovery module from a particular Creating Sustainable Futures sub-theme, you can look at the Level 2 and Level 3 modules in that sub-theme and plot a discovery 'pathway'
2. Explore Further:
progress within your Discovery Theme
You might like to stick within
'Creating Sustainable Futures', but explore the variety that exists within other sub-themes
3. Open Up: Investigate other Discovery Themes
If you want to broaden your education further, you can of course range across Discovery themes at Level 2 and 3. This option offers a really interdisciplinary experience!
1. Focused Discovery:
Stay in your Discovery sub-theme
2. Explore Further:
Progress within your Discovery Theme
3. Open Up: Investigate other Discovery Themes
For example, you may have previously chosen a 'managing sustainability' sub-theme module...
To continue in this sub-theme, look for other modules at Level 2 and Level 3...
Open the Sub-Theme Module List
Explore your Level 2 or Level 3 options...
...and save the ones you like to your discovery module shortlist!
Explore the CSF Sub-themes
Click on the ones that look interesting, and have a read...
...and see which modules these sub-themes offer across different levels
Your next steps in Discovery Module Choice
4. Sustainability volunteering & events
Outside your Discovery modules there are many ways to volunteer or attending events on sustainability issues.
Sustainability Service - How you can get involved
LeedsforLife - Opportunities
Green Exchange at Leeds Students Union
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