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Six Sigma

Six Sigma steps on how to fix our problem

Sean Srnik

on 16 June 2010

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Transcript of Six Sigma

Six Sigma Save Khaki I work part time in Production for a small but reputable menswear business with three stores in Manhattan. The company I work for is called Save Khaki, which has a two person design team and a center for production located here in downtown LA.

The designers of Save Khaki have a brand named S.K.U. and also design the B.D. Baggies label based out of Italy and a new collaboration brand with a workwear company based out Tennessee. All the garments go through the production center here in LA for either full cut and sew or other finishes or washes.

The company is growing but as the responsibilities accumulate, deadlines are constantly failed to be met. Business is growing and production has a lot on its plate. There is currently one production manager overseeing all projects, with me assisting him part time. Deadlines continue fail to be met and yet business continues to grow. This is not the formula for future growth and reorganization is much needed to save money and finish products on time. D - Define the problem Production is responsible for many processes for many clothing lines, or in other words, the production manager oversees several different projects; thus organization and time management are paramount.

The production manager is responsible for the following:

-Wholesale Accounts (Both Save Khaki and SKU)
-Stock for company stores (Both Save Khaki and SKU)
-B.D. Baggies Label sourcing, sampling, and production
-Pointer Brand finishing and washing
M - Measure the problem Essentially, because of the volume of responsibility on the Production end, deadlines are not met. Other factors also effect these deadlines such as late fabric sourcing, late send outs/dyeing, and overall disorganization. A - Analyze the Problem Though it may be challenging and would require more full-time staff, a completely new organization plan should be created.

The best case scenario would be to hire a production team with each member responsible for a specific line. These representatives would have manageable responsibilities and as a team would be able to assist each other in meeting an end goal. I - Improve Each production representative would be 100 percent responsible for the production they oversee, taking direct orders from the design team. If their deadlines are consistently failed to be met, their performance would be reviewed by the design team and executive production manager.

Also, there is a major responsibility on the side of the design team to give deadlines and other requests that are actually achievable, as often times, deadlines and other requests set by the design team can be unreasonable or even impossible to meet.

C - Control Let's Use DMAIC! Problem Solved!
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