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Emmanuel "Manny" Antimisiaris - Pilot Astronaut

JPB 2012-2013 - Created by Shirling Xu

Shirling Xu

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Emmanuel "Manny" Antimisiaris - Pilot Astronaut

Emmanuel "Manny" Antimisiaris Created by Shirling Xu Today we will learn about an astronaut named Emmunuel "Manny" Antimisiaris! HOOT! Hi there! I'm Mr. Wise Owl! He was born in 1961.
Wow! Hoot! Hoot! When was Emmanuel born? Emmanuel is currently 51 years old right now! Secret Fact! He lives in California. Where does he live right now? He lives in the city of Valencia in California! Secret Fact! Antimisiaris has logged over 1,000 flight hours!

He had missions like... B-52 and E-3AWACS in 1988 and more.

He is a research pilot. But he was also a navigator in the Flight Crew Branch of the Flight Operations Directorate at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center. Top Secret Facts!
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