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kyndra scheetz

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of 12-16-14

Prezi Study Guide
the tansformation tool
once you add anything to your canvas click on it once to bring up the transformation tool

the transformation tool is the box that appears around the element- text image frames or shapes

using the tool you can move size and rotate your content any way you like
to add a new frame click the add frame icon just above the left sidebar. drag it to the canvas and position it as desired
to reorder frames click and drag the frame preview in the left sidebar
add images
select insert from the top image and click image

you can add a image in two ways
1.to add an image youve saved click select files and browse to te location of the file you want to upload

2. if you want to search the internet for a picture you can do it directly from prezi using the search box
add text
click where and start to add text
you can drag the size of the box by clicking and dragging one of the four corners. this also changes the size of the text
to make changes to the text (like change the colors apply the bold or italics and make bulleted lists) use the editing bar above the text box
customize your prezi
use the customize sidebar to set the colors or your fonts of your prezi
click customize
click on any of the preset styles
to customize a theme click on advanced from the bottom of the customize sidebar
use the wizard to make cahnges
start from a template
When you create a prezi you start by choosing a template
you can browse or search for a specific template
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