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My Bucket List

10 Things I want to do before I die!

Raffey Ali

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of My Bucket List

My Bucket List 10 Things I want to do Before I die Climb a Mountain Climb MT.Everest
Located between the border of Nepal and China
Highest Mountain on Earth
Almost 9000 Meters Tall
Do it with My Uncle
Do it after graduating high school

Time Square
New York,New York
Be there when the ball drops
Go with my close friends
Want to be there for the start of 2012
New Year Eve's Bash Shopping West Edmonton Mall
Edmonton, Alberta
Largest shopping mall in N.A
Shop and go through the different things that it has to offer
Go with family next time I visit Edmonton during ThanksGiving weekend

Bunjy Jumping Queenstown, New Zealand
135 Meters of Free Fall
Go with my cousin
First thing I want to do after I Graduate

Dubai, UAE
Indoor Resort
Part of Mall Of Emirates
Go with my special someone
Visit when I'm in my early 30s

One of the tallest standing structure
Located in Toronto, Canada
Stand on the Glass Floor and try to dent it
Go With Family
This summer
Tan at Cancun Beach(Mexico) Run for Boston Marathon Go to a Montreal Habs Game with a Leafs Jersey on Go for a religous pilgrimage(Mecca) Visit the CN Tower
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