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Impacts of Colonization in Tunisia from the French

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Sara Hijer

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Impacts of Colonization in Tunisia from the French

Impacts of Colonization in Tunisia from the French
By: Sara Hijer 8AA
Hello, thank you for taking your time to visit.
Me and my fellow classmates were assigned a project where we have to do a separate presentation on one impact from colonization in a specific country. And I chose to do the French colonization in Tunisia.

Basic Facts about France Colonization:
The French colonized Tunisia from 1881 – 1934
The French first started to colonized countries in the early 1700’s
The Tunisians now speak French because the French forced them to learn the language by teaching the Tunisians. They started to speak French since the beginning of the colonization.
#1 Social Impact on Tunisia
#3 Social Impact on Tunisia
#4 Social Impact on Tunisia
Parlez-vous français?
Oui, Madame
#2 Social Impact on Tunisia
The French gave the Tunisians a big part of education for example their French taught the Tunisians their language, culture, religion and they also built schools and churches and libraries.
The French first began to open business, like Carrefour, and made a strong western influence on their culture an example would be to promote their culture
The French also brought in Christianity. Although they're still muslims. The christians are the ones who were forced to change religion from the French but not all of them were forced which is why they're still muslims that are in Tunisia at the moment.

Overall my research has shown that the French have created some social impacts to Tunisia. I only did 4 impacts because those were the only ones that I could find during my research. The answer to my research question, What social impacts have France created to/in Tunisia after the colonization?, is that they're are a few social impacts that impacted Tunisia, the impacts are that they French taught them their language, they opened business that influenced their culture and the French also taught them Christianity. This proves that they're are some social impacts that was on Tunisia. It all adds up that the French's colonization was good and bad. The language change is good so that they cold interact with more countries to get more involved in events. The religion change is bad because for muslims they say that they would be punished if they changed their religion from being a muslim. The business change is good so that they could eat new types of foods and wouldn't need to eat the same thing over and over again. The addition knowledge is good as well, because they wouldn't just know about themselves but also other countries and someone could create something with that knowledge.
My research question for this project is:

What social impacts have France created to/in Tunisia after the colonization?
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