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No description

Aaron Doyle

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of GWL ROOFING

EnviRoof Increase Share Price through Expansion Improve Financially with Improved Products Presentation Prepared by:
Mark Brown Consultants
February 2, 2013 Introduction GWL Roofing Position Potential Opportunities Recommendations How to Implement Conclusion Targets Constraints Goals Repay Debenture

20% Working Capital on incremental sales

Maintain Control Financing Available:
$4.75 Million Debenture
$5.58 Million LOC

Investment Requirement

New CEO Return on Equity (ROE) > 11%

Increase Stock Price >$3.33 Implied
Mission and Vision "GWL Roofing offers state of the art roofing solutions to industrial, commercial and investment (ICI) customers in Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States"

"GWL is to be the #1 choice roofing provider for Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States Financial Position What GWL is Doing Right and What it Must Address Key Success Factors Reputation



Knowledge GWL Assets Sophisticated R&D team

Roof Management Program (RMP)

Cold weather roofing experience

Investment, commercial, and industrial property experience Areas to Exploit Develop cutting edge roofing material

Green roofing

Geographic expansion

Foster economies of scale through growth Areas of Concern No successor to CEO

Share price underperforming

Customer dissatisfaction with RMP

Unionization threat Management Stock Price / EPS Customer Satisfaction How GWL Will Progress Balanced Scorecard Financial Forecast Timeline Financial Internal Learning and Growth Customer Increase EPS and ROE Decrease management and sales employees turn-over 100% of current employees
trained by end of 2013 Maximize customer satisfaction
with RMP Q4
2012 Q1
2013 Q2
2013 Q3
2012 Pierre Laroche
Secure debenture
Announce new strategic direction
Meeting regarding incentive plan

Scott Davidson
Clarify revenue recognition policies
Communicate RMP requirements Scott Davidson
Develop training program for EnviRoof

Regional Sales Managers
Communication to RMP customers Scott Davidson
Develop sales program for EnviRoof
Determine pricing strategy for EnviRoof

Marketing Manager
Develop "Buy Canada" advertising campaign

Pierre Laroche
Announce Pierre's retirement
Introduce Janet Collins Louise Laroche
Determine IT requirements at EnviRoof plant

Janet Collins
Review recent changes to ensure
company is meeting mission / vision Conclusions "GWL Roofing offers state of the art roofing solutions to industrial, commercial and investment (ICI) customers in Eastern Canada and Northeastern United States" EnviRoof satisfies the Corporate Mission

Corporate control remains in Laroche family

New CEO to encourage growth for GWL
Thank-you for your time and consideration

Questions or Concerns What are your goals? How will you achieve them? Why Go West? What are the issues? Geographical expansion

Produce experience

Positive NPV and pre-tax profits of 22% by 2017 New sales force needed

New customers will have to be acquired

GWL will be entering a RED Ocean Why Go Green? Issues to Address Expand West EnviRoof Product developed for sale

Experienced executive

GWL will be entering a BLUE Ocean Decreased EPS through 2013-2014

Product lacks experience in the field

GWL employees are inexperienced with EnviRoof East vs West EnviRoof NPV = $17.2 Million

Expand West NPV = $12.7 Million

EnviRoof 2018 Cash Flow = $5.7 Million
10% Growth

Western Expansion 2018 Cash Flow = $3.5 Million
7% Growth
Thinking Long Term
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