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Beyond the Methods Fetish: Toward a Humanizing Pedagogy by Lilia I. Bartolome

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Heidi Gregory

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Beyond the Methods Fetish: Toward a Humanizing Pedagogy by Lilia I. Bartolome

Presented by :
Heidi Gregory
Dehumanization Impacts Everybody
Face the Truth
Did this video shock you?
It shouldn't.
This is a reality that many of our students face
every day
in society
in schools.

Bartolome argues the following:

"The current focus on finding the right 'methods' to
improve academic achievement of students who have been
historically oppressed hides the less visible but more
important reasons for their performance: the asymmetrical
power relations of society that are reproduced in the
schools and the deficient view of minority students that
high school personnel hold."

Teacher Assumptions
The Mistake
The Mistaken
Teacher Recipe
The REAL Question
Bartolome's Proposed Solution
The First Step
How Teachers Can Support Positive Social Change in the Classroom

Promising Teaching Approaches
Cooperative Learning
Language Experience
Process Writing
Reciprocal Teaching
Whole Language Activities
Tap Into Prior Knowledge
Culturally Responsive Instruction
Equalize power relations.
Incorporate students' culturally preferred style of interaction into the classroom learning experience.
Empower students by putting them in the driver's seat. The teacher is not the all-knowing authority.
Create a comfort zone of trusting relationships.
Teachers believe that schools are democratic and fair. They believe all students have equal learning conditions and equal treatment. This is simply NOT true.
Take a sociohistorical view of present day concerns and conditions.
Bartolome claims that "by robbing students of their culture, language, history and values, schools often reduce the students to that status of subhumans who need to be rescued from their 'savage' selves." Unfortunately, this type of DEHUMANIZATION occurs within schools today.

Beyond the Methods Fetish: Toward a Humanizing Pedagogy
Teachers believe that students who experience academic difficulties (especially minorities) require "special" instruction. This is NOT always the case.
Educators often seek out the "one size fits all" generic teaching methods that will work with a variety of minority students. This instructional recipe does not work.
Consider how different minorities have historically been subjugated within our colonialist society. Realize that we carry society's prejudices with us into schools, whether we mean to do this or not.

Create Democratic Learning Environments

Create heterogeneous learning groups to modify low-status roles of individuals or groups.
Teachers assume that teachers are fine.They assume that they do NOT need to identify or challenge their beliefs about subordinated students. ALL of us need to challenge our beliefs.

How does this all look when teaching reading?
We need to re-frame current concerns in education.
We need to develop pedagogical structures that speak to the daily concerns, struggles, and dreams of ALL students, especially minorities.

1. Teach text structures through frames and graphic organizers.
2. Before reading: Use an advanced organizer to activate prior knowledge.
3. During Reading: Reader monitors self-learning.
4. After Reading: Summarize and integrate newly acquired information.
Strategic Teaching
Include reflection
Develop metacognitive skills
Challenge school practices that unintentionally or intentionally promote tracking and segregation and that continue to reproduce the status quo.
"Learning is the act of linking new information to prior knowledge."

Acknowledging and using existing student language and knowledge is a HUMANIZING experience.
A shift in perspectives is necessary.
Teachers must realize that teaching is NOT politically neutral.
Politically informed teachers can use methods to enable students to move into active and critical roles within the classroom.
Move students from object to subject position by providing them with opportunities to use their voices.
Unless educational methods are situated in the students' cultural experiences, students will continue to show difficulty in mastering content area that is not only alien to their reality, but is often antagonistic toward their culture and lived experiences."- Lilia Bartolome
by Lilia I. Bartolome
Methodological and mechanistic approaches treat education as a technical issue. We can't ignore the HUMAN side of learning.
Blindly replicating instructional programs or methods does NOT guarantee successful student learning.
Why, in our society, do subordinated students generally not succeed in academic schools?
The KEY:
Elicit student knowledge about text types and their own strategies for making meaning BEFORE presenting them with more conventional academic strategies.
"Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar."
- Antonio Machado

"Traveler, there are no roads. The road is created as we walk it [together]."

Bartolome, L. (1994). Beyond the methods fetish:
Toward a humanizing pedagogy.
Harvard Educational
, 64(3), 173-194.

McCann, Vivalabri. "PSA PREJUDICE - Burn out
Prejudices Today." YouTube. YouTube, 20 Apr.
2012. Web. 18 Feb. 2014.
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