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Esther Weiner

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Capoeira

Why is capoeira important to the Brazilian culture?
- Four million slaves by 1888
- Symbol of resistance to oppression
- Performances (theatrical, acrobatic)
- Schools
- Carnaval

Passo A Frente in Atlanta Georgia
Music in Capoeira
Contra Mestre Bocao
His story
What is it?
- martial art
- acrobatics
- dance
- music
- game
Where did it come from?
- Created by the slaves brought to Brazil from Africa
- Were unable to have weapons or defend themselves
- Trained martial arts but disguised it as a dance so they were not punished

- Berimbau
- Pandeiro
- Atabaque
- Agogo
- Reco-reco
Capoeira Roda
- The place where the game of capoeira is played
-Players form a circle
- Two players enter to play the game
- The "roda" or circle of people plays instruments/claps hands and sings in Portuguese
- The style of game is determien by the berimbau's rhythm
-Capoeira school in Georgia
-Mission: Passo a Frente (PAF) is dedicated to providing quality instruction in the cultural arts of Brazil.
-The art of fighting with a smile
- Grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a neighborhood called Pirituba
- had soccer leg injury and used capoeira to strengthen leg
- went to university to study publicity and marketing in 2003
- Founded Passo A Frente in 2010
Why capoeira is important to him
- sharing and preserving the Brazilian culture
- capoeira is a form of energy
- role model for life
when you get knocked down you must get up again
- signifies an important part of Brazilian history
- keeps him connected to his roots
- differences in US

- different types of energy
- sense of community
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