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No description

Susan Broome

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Education

Education Quizzes

The quizzes I found to be the more challenging of assignments, however they were helpful in the sense that I was able to gage how much of the textbook I was understanding and where I needed to improve. Discussions

The discussions forums were extremely helpful and enjoyable. I really like that it opens communication between me and other students that are involved in the class. The discussion forum also helped me cover many different questions that were covered in the text book. Even though I read the text it helped to go look at other student’s discussion to see different perspectives on the topics in the text. Intro to I really like how the course was set up. Unlike other online courses that I have taken, the due dates were always constant. Always having the assignments due every Saturday ensured that I always did my assignments on time and nothing was ever a surprise. Assignments

I really enjoyed the observation hours. One of my goals when deciding to take this class was to see if teaching was something I truly wanted to do. After my first set of observation hours at Colonial Elementary School I knew that teaching was something that I would fall in love doing. After my observation hours at a middle school and high school I knew for sure that teaching was for me. Instead of looking at the observation hours as a chore, it became something I was excited to do. It made me realize how much I cannot wait to become a teacher and have my own classroom. Suggestions for the future

The only thing I found a little difficult in the course was timing my observations in order to submit them on time. I feel like the course would benefit from having the due dates of the observation hours be a little later in the course. Other than that the course was extremely enjoyable. By Susan Broome
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