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Copy of Anti-Smoking Presentation

No description

Sana Rahman

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Anti-Smoking Presentation

Why people would want to start smoking
The cost of smoking one pack
a day per year
If you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day per year, it would cost about $2,007.5
That's a lot of money!
Smoking Facts and

The Ingredients in a cigarette
Peer pressure
Parental Influence
For excitement
There are about 4000 chemicals in every single cigarette. All of the different
ingredients in cigarettes affect mostly every organ in your body. I could cause a lot of
things such as death, cancer and a whole bunch of different diseases.
The external effects of smoking. (your looks)
premature wrinkles
smell like smoke
balding, graying, or dull hair
yellow teeth
yellow fingers
Tips to help quite smoking
find a new hobby to get your mind off of it
suck on a lollipop or chew gum when you get a craving
think of how it could make your life better
there are many reasons why people would want to start smoking. Here are only a couple of them.
The Internal health effects of smoking
Smoking is one of the worst things kids or adults can do to
their bodies. Yet every single day nearly 4,400 kids between
the ages 12 and 17 start smoking.

Addictive drug
alerts brain followed by dullness
increases adrenaline, increasing blood pressure
promotes blood clotting...
...... blocks coronary artery and increases risks of heart attack or stroke
Carbon monoxide
Reduces oxygen carrying capacity of RBCs
....1% increase is deadly
Increases fatty deposition in arteries constricting inner lumen ---- atherosclerosis
promotes blood clotting...
...... by damaging blood vessels
Brown sticky substance
Promotes lung cancer development

.... allows abnormal division of epithelium lining
causes lump development blocking air sacs
Paralyzes cilia lining
Hydrogen cyanide, Naphthalene, ammonia, methanol.....
paralyzes cilia

damage alveoli
excessive mucus production......weakens the alveoli and reducing gaseous exchange surface
Lung cancer
Other cancer
Pros and cons of smoking
The bonding I experienced with other smokers.
The feeling of creating a ritual.
Watching the cigarette burn and watching the smoke swirl.
Momentary gratification.
The after-smell on my clothes, furniture, car, house, everything. Yuck.
Not being able to breathe properly.
The constant nagging cough. All day, all night.
Lots of phlegm, lots of throat-clearing and losing my voice mid-sentence.
Painful heartburn every night and every time I drank coffee.
Feeling winded after extremely mild activity.
Severe throbbing headaches, occasional migraines.
Lingering colds and bronchitis.
Racing heartbeat, more sweating.
Increased rate of hypertension.
Dizziness after smoking too fast or [having] too many cigarettes.
Nausea from smoking too much.
The constant coppery, ashy taste in my mouth.
Yellow skin, teeth and fingernails.
Scaly, unhealthy-feeling skin.
Anxiety from the fear about what I was doing to myself and the consequences.
No relaxation, always feeling in need of something. A constant feeling of not being satisfied.
Mini-withdrawals throughout the day.
Feelings of shame while spending time with nonsmokers.
Not accomplishing tasks because of wasted time smoking.
The late-evening/middle-of-the-night trip to the gas station.
Going out in bad weather to smoke alone.
Feelings of inadequacy and substance dependence.
Driving my cat out of the room every time I lit up.
Dry mouth and constant feelings of thirst.
Coughing so hard that I made myself sick.
Trembling hands and fingertips.
Fear. Of being unable to quit, of dying an untimely, painful death.
The stinging feeling in my lungs when I tried to take a deeper or slower breath.
Getting smoke in my eyes.
Burning my lips on the filter.
Trying to light short butts and feeling my eyebrows singe. Ouch!
Re-lighting a previously torched cigarette, so I don't "waste" any tobacco.
Overflowing ashtrays, ashes and dust everywhere.
Burn holes in my car upholstery and on my clothes.
"Will I fall asleep smoking?"
"Will I catch something on fire?"
Dry, chapped lips.
The cost. All that money wasted on ruining my health and well-being.
My nails and hair grew very slowly.
Smoking fueled my compulsiveness relating to other bad habits, such as nail-biting and binge-eating.
Having to reapply my lipstick after smoking.
The filthy taste of cheap tobacco.
Having to crack the car window in the pouring rain. Wet leg, wet arm, water in my eyes.
Tar build-up on windows and furniture.
The way my hair and skin smelled.
Limited motivation and energy.
Spilled tobacco in my purse, on my dresser, on my computer desk.
Lighting the filter end by mistake...
Dropping a cigarette while driving.
Trying to tap my ashes out the car window ... while the window is rolled up.
Dropping hot ashes or losing the tip of a cigarette.
Oops! Tapped ashes in my drink.
Feeling "exiled" in the smoking section/smoking room.
Dulled sense of taste and smell.
Lung Cancer
Other Cancers
inner lining of bronchi becomes
inflamed /narrowed
More mucus is secreted
causing difficult breathing
and excessive coughing
damages alveoli due to coughing
decreased surface area of lungs
difficulty in breathing
Affects Placenta
the source of the baby's food and oxygen during pregnancy.
the placenta can separate from the womb too early, causing bleeding, which is dangerous to the mother and baby.
Increased risks of miscarriage
Babies born sick, dead (still births) or premature
Brain development is still slow
Carbon monoxide
replaces oxygen by combining to hemoglobin - carboxyhaemoglobin
narrows artery limiting food and nutrient supply to the fetus
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