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Unit 28 - The Athlete's Lifestyle

No description

Mike Ridley

on 4 March 2011

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Transcript of Unit 28 - The Athlete's Lifestyle

Unit 28 - The Athlete's Lifestyle Learning Objectives - Introductory Lesson

understand assignments 3+4
research task for assignment 3 - how can an athlete can communicate with the media effectively Assignment 3 - Communicating effectively with the media and significant others Need to research the following factors; Communicating effectively and clearly - how? Preperation for communication - what do you have to think about? Personal Delivery - what do you have to think about? Appearance, why is this important? Timings requirements of different media types There is no text book to help! You need to think about the following scenario! Task

Using the headings you have written down, imagine you are the coach of a new and exciting professional athlete

What sort of things does the athlete need to think about when talking to the different types of media

e.g. preperation for communication, needs to think about who the audience will be (live audience on tv, people who will read it, kids/adults etc, will he/she have a script to read from etc)

Dont want massive paragraphs, just your own thoughts written out in notes either on the computer or by hand!

You could set it out as a powerpoint with a slide for each factor, it is completely upto you


Use the unit overview on moodle to help you! Types of Media Interview Your athlete could be interviewed by; T.V (local and national) Radio (local and national) Print Media You will now be shown the factors your athlete
needs to consider when talking to these types of media Example

Personal Delivery

Personal delivery is important when talking to many different media types

If talking to the T.V, my athlete will have to make sure they speak slowly and clearly, so people can understand their points

My athlete will have to make sure that what they say does not get misqouted as they could be made out to look bad

My athlete must also make sure they act like a good role model and a good ambassador for the sport, so they must not use bad language or act disrespectfully

If talking to the written press.................................etc etc
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