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CIB 100


on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of CIB 100

Sony, Zara and Apple have come together to combat child labor and human rights as well as setting the standard for companies around the world in fair human working conditions.
Our Recommendation #1
Protecting the employees from hazardous work conditions by establishing explicit policies that protect workers from direct employment.
Principle 2 - Human Rights
Gurvin Dhillon is joining us from Apple
Mohamed Khalaf represents Zara
Daniel Miller comes to us from Sony
Benefits to Stakeholders
Principle 5 - Child Labor
Our Recommendation #2
- Detection of current child labour and development of stricter methods of age verification when hiring
At least 3 primary forms of identification

Use of inspectors to do regular inspections

Undertake a fingerprint scan
Benefits to Stakeholders
Trade Partners
Fingerprint scanners cost money / prone to malfunction
Takes time to do ID checks on all employees
Need to employ inspectors / possibly fire underage workers
Understand the risks
Reduce workplace stress
Take regular breaks
Use mechanical aids whenever possible
Wear protective equipment
Know your rights and voice your opinions
Increased productivity
Increased creativity and innovation
Improved employee engagement
Reduced workers compensation costs
Increased corporate image

Improved health awareness & knowledge
Increased energy and vitality
Increased team relationships
Increased concentration and productivity
Increased physical and mental wellbeing
Increased engagement and view of the company.
Provides morale satisfaction
Improved view of the company and likelihood of continuous business.
Additional costs
Implementation costs
Equipment costs
Training costs
Machinery costs
Additional time
Implementation & acquiring equipment
I.E. Create a Safe Workplace
Safety and well being of employees
Increased productivity in workforce
Changed values and behaviors in the workplace

Abunto, F, Ady. 2013. Eradicate Child Labor. http://adyjoycl.wordpress.com

AdSense for Orkut Workers. 2010. Child Labour. http:/adsensemailers.blogspot.com.au/2010_12_01_archive.html

Inditex. 2013. Corporate Responsibility. http://www.inditex.com/en/corporate_responsibility/social_dimension/our_works_equipos

United Nations Global Compact. 2013. The Ten Principles. http://www.unglobalcompact.org/AboutTheGC/TheTenPrinciples/index.html

Waddell, Diane, Gareth R. Jones, and Jennifer M. George. 2011. Contemporary Management. 2nd ed. North Ryde, N.S.W.: McGraw-Hill Australia.

Zara. 2010. Company Mission Statement. http://www.zara.com/us/en/company-c11112.html
- To be implemented at the supplying factories of the companies
Increase job opportunities for legal aged workers
Dangerous work will be done by age appropriate workers
Reduced wage underpayments/increased efficiency
Avoid beneficial complicity
More appealing to do business with
Able to purchase goods knowing that child labor had not been exploited
Avoids brands which exploit child labor, helping to abolish it through lack of demand
Eventually child labor will be abolished over time
Increased demand from consumers
Companies can avoid beneficial complicity
What are we here for?
Develop a unified approach for compliance with the two global compact principles 2 & 5, and demonstrating as well as sharing how we will combat the problem.
Many recommendations to combat these issues but not only for are benefit but also for other companies too.
Out of all our decisions as a executive we have chosen our best outcomes to present to you - the local net world
We believe that our goals and aims to combat Human Rights and Child Labor is plausible and achievable to the UN global compacts standards.
We believe at The People's Association (TPA) our recommendations and solutions to principles 2 & 5 are highly sustainable in any business model.

Thank you for listening to our unified approach for UNGC
from everyone at The People's Association.
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