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New Agent Orientation

No description

Kelly Price

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of New Agent Orientation

Where do I find this?
- Hard Copies
-mykw.kw.com Office Intranet

How do I read this?
-Blue: Launch, for new agents
-Black: CE and/or Broker Required
-Lime: Technology
-Red: targeted for all agents
-Purple: Growth
-Green: Acheivement
Keller Williams Leadership
TL- Team Leader: Kaprice Gunn 801-326-8820
TL- Team Leader: Rod Moser 801-326-8703
MCA- Market Center Administrator: Brenda Willden 801-326-8813
Assistant MCA: Kelly Price 801-326-8861
Front Desk: Nicole Virgin 801-326-8800
Tech Coordinator: Rachel 801-326-8878
BROKER: Dave Frederickson 801-599-2277
Centerville Broker: Michael Gray 801-683-3321
Centerville Office Admin: Linda Cowdin 801-295-7878
ALC- Agent Leadership Council
KW Cares- Keller Williams Charitable Arm
What every new KWSLC agent should know
MYKW.KW.COM aka the Vault: More resources, training materials and marketing than you can imagine!

Navigating the KWSLC Intranet

Next Steps: get eEdge Certified!
go to Team Meeting Tuesdays @ 11!
Stick around for Rachel's tech tip after team meeting

Know Your Numbers... Greensheets!
Associate Billing
Consortium & eEdge Fee: $28.00
Copies: 200 free B/W; $.04/copy
Color $.20/copy
Cubicle: $90.00/month
Office: Based on cubic feet, production requirements may apply
Day Desks: FREE!
E&O Insurance: $200 -taken from 1st closing of year beginning
March 1
Time Frame
Listings: 4 days
Under Contracts: 4 days of accepted contract
Greensheet: Turned in during inital contract
Earnest Money: 4 days of accepted contract
Commission Checks: delivered to office by 2 to
be processed same day (out by 5:00 p.m.)
Direct Deposit commissions: allow 24-48 hrs. for funds
to transfer
your new office!
Lets Take A Tour!
Where's my mailbox?
How do I make Copies?
How do I fax?
How do I use these phones?
Where are the Day Desks?
How do I get a conference room?
The following should be submitted to the office within:
Last chance for questions!
Our Belief system in action:


Company $
Family Reunion
Market Center



Profit Share

Profit Share Tree
Win-win Integrity Customers Commitment Communication Creativity Teamwork Trust Success
Associate Leadership Council our Board of Directors. Accountable for Growth, Productivity, Profitability, and Culture. They develop policies strategies and guidelines for the Market Center, serve as the vehicle for change and problem resolution, act as the protectors of our culture, and provide leadership for committees
An agent who contributes enough Company $ to their office to satisfy their annual commission requirement. After capping they keep all commission income.
The dollars a Market Center keeps after all the agents are paid their commissions.
Personality Assessment tool that identifies a person's natural behavioral style.
The Annual Keller Williams convention.
Keller Williams Realty International
Each Keller Williams office, our Market Center is #628
Sessions of sharing and high accountability with agents of similar levels of production and achievement.
The award winning coaching program created by Keller Williams
Millionaire Real Estate Agent book a.k.a. the Red Book by Gary Keller as best practices for becoming a highly effective real estate agent.
Millionaire Real Estate Investor book a.k.a. the Blue Book by Gary Keller with proven strategies to grow wealth.
Amount of Market Center profit that is sent to KWRI for distribution to the appropriate associates in the profit share tree.
The people in your downline who have directly or indirectly chosen Keller Williams because of you.
$3000 of cap sent to KWRI for the privilege of Keller Williams Brand, trademark, systems and tools.
Monthly method used to send Market Center operational and financial reports to KWRI each month.
Goal Setting Training used with a business plan.
Market Center Information
Tax ID #20-3395941
Salt Lake Board ID #2597
WFRMLS #68743
2121 S. McClelland St. #201 Salt Lake City, UT 894106
Main Reception: 801-326-8800 Office Fax: 801-326-8801
Wireless Internet:
KWAP Password: KWrealestate
myTransactions Support Line: 888-DOT-LOOP
Keller Williams Support: support@kw.com
Know your numbers
Your never the listing agent, and its never a KW listing
"Submit to MCA" button does not put the Greensheet in your eEdge loop
Print to .pdf and upload your Greensheet in your eEdge loop as you would any other document
Commission Structure and Personal Transactions
How do we all get paid?
Basic Split: 70% to You 30% to Office until capped at $15k company dollar and $3k Royalty to KWRI
Personal Transactions: $500 in company dollar plus 3% Royalty
YOU must be on HUDs as buyer or seller (your brother's house doesn't count)
Earnest Money
I have this check, so...
1. Fill out an Earnest Money Form
2. Paperclip check to Earnest Money Form and turn into the MCA office.
3. Make sure that your file is uploaded and submitted to office attention. This is how you will get a copy of your Earnest Money Receipt.
4. The check will be deposited the same day we receive the check if delivered before 4:00 p.m.
What if there's a change?
1. Fill out a new Earnest Money form and turn it into the office.
2. Make sure there is documentation to support the release and/or transfer of funds to a new property and upload it to the ORIGINAL file in eEdge.
3. For a transfer, be sure the new contract is uploaded and submitted to the office.
Who Do I Ask About...
KW Systems and Offerings?
Profit Share/Recruiting?
Technology (eEdge, printers etc.)?
Marketing help?
Call-around lists?
Sign Riders?
Legal issues?
Commission checks?
H.R. questions?
Office invoices?
KW Cares?
Where I find ____?
Rod or Dave
Rachel or Kelly or Nicole
Brenda or Kelly
Brook Madsen (ALC) or Brenda or Kelly
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