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Overcome Obstacle to Empathy

No description

Rita Rana

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Overcome Obstacle to Empathy

Your Reactions ???
Sorry Michelle, If you don't know what you are looking at...
Meet George
My Obstacle
More Sympathy than Empathy
In Quesnel, as far as I remember, I was in and out in an hour
Shortage Of Family Doctors
" Was he really asymptomatic or did
he fail to acknowledge that
something was wrong"
Perceptive Taking:
Gaining intellectual understanding
Overcome Obstacle to Empathy
Rita Rana
Elderly Man 60 Yrs
Waited 4 hours in ER
Hematuria and Pain
Huge Mass in Bladder
Refused to return to ER
Convincing Failed
Empathy is to experience the world from other’s point of view
"We have a new Hospital. It is “bigger”, but was already too small the day it opened."
"...wait more than 4-6 hours to see a physician or get a stretcher in the department.
"Elderly patient often wait the longest."
"Now patients are waiting, but there is no safe place where we can examine them with dignity, where we can start treatment."
"Most of the time almost all Emergency stretches are blocked by admitted patients waiting for a bed in the hospital."
"They have implemented several new plans and procedures....however, nothing has worked well."
"Physicians are waiting for hours to see patients because of the overcrowding of ER beds."
Canada has 69,267 doctors for its 34.2 million people
Health ministers reduced medical school enrollment 1997 by 10%
Not enough seats available in Canadian Medical School
Doctors no longer willing to devote 70 hours a week to their practice
Improved treatment- placing more demand on health care system
Provinces compete with each other for medical doctors offering "perks"
Denial ???
Emotional Empathy:
Grasping what the other is feeling
Developing genuine concern for the other
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