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Stonetree Farms

No description

brieann chapman

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Stonetree Farms

Brieann's Co-op Presentation

Horses I've Rode
Supervisor: Wendy Jones
Placement: Stonetree Farms
Located: 36/37 Noatawasaga Sideroad Stayner
Sassy & Tara
List of Duties
1. Riding/Exercising Horses
2. Cleaning Tack
3. Helping Barn Staff
4. Turning In and Out Horses
5. Sweeping
6. Feeding Horses
7. Holding Horse for Vet and Farrier
Around The Barn
The Tack Room
The Arena
The Lounge
The Outdoor Ring
Feed and Blanket Rooms
What Did Co-op Teach Me?

Co-op taught me not only about the workplace of a show barn, and the everyday hard work it takes to run one, but it taught me that there is always something new to learn. Working with many different horses everyday made me realize there are so many ways to ride and take care of horses. Every single horse is different and there will always be something to learn.
The training and education needed in order to become a barn manager, is barn management or some kind of agricultural business degree. Before becoming a barn manager you would need a few years experience working in a barn mucking stalls and teaching riding lessons. The costs of education would depend on weather you were to go to college or university for this course and what specific course you take, because this career all depends on who you work for.The same goes for the salary. It depends who you work for, how much experience you have, and what type of barn you would be working in.

References: Wendy Jones &Study.com
Curriculum Link
My place relates the English curriculum because i would Use the most appropriate words, phrases, and terminology, and a variety of stylistic devices, to communicate their meaning in a compelling way and to engage their intended audience. For example I can use proper equine term in either asking questions and or being given tasks.
Essential skills
Communication- I use my communication skills everyday in the workplace. Whenever Wendy gives me a task I can fully understand what she is asking me to do and if i don't I know I can ask her questions.
Organization- I use my organization skills everyday at the workplace as well because with every horse there is different tack taking and putting everything in its' stop is an everyday task.
Math and Measurement- I use my math and measurement skills at my co-op by making sure the horses get the right amount of grain everyday.
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