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Tia Parton

Don Quixote

Tia Parton

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Tia Parton

Don Quixote Written by Miguel de Cervantes Miguel de Cervantes is a spanish writer. Miguel was born in a small town near Madrid. Miguel faught against the Turks in the battle of Lepanto. Later on Miguel became captain. When Miguel was on his way home in 1575, he was capured by priates and taken to Algiers to be used as a slave. Miguel stayed in captivity for five years, until he was freed following the payment of a ransome. the timeperoid of this story is 1547-1616 Don Quixote is generally considered the first modern novel. It's hero, Don Quixote is a poor, elderly gentleman who loses his mind from reading too many tales about the daring deeds of heroic knights. Don Quixote decides to win fame as a knight, assested by a peaseant "squire named Sancho Panza". Cervantes devoted over 100 chaptures to their comically illfated adventures. Don Quixote attemps to fullfill chivalic ideals in a world of barbers, innkeepers, and farmers. He mistakes windmills for gaints and country inns for castles. There are two main characters in Don Quixite. Don Quiote is the deluded Spanish gentleman of La Mancha Alonso Quijano (or Quesada, or Quijada), who believes himself and acts as a knight-errant as described in various medieval books of chivalry, riding his horse Rocinate. Sancho Panza ( or Zancas), Don Quixote squire. He is uneducted and unable to read, but he knows numerous proverbs, and rides a dinkey named Rucio("Dapple"). This is Don Quixote in his library. In short, our gentleman became so immersed in his reading that he spent whole nights... and his days from dawn to dusk in poring over his books... Detail of Don Quixote and the dead mule whats up Don Quixote on horseback Don Quixote tries to be a real example of a knight who behaves badly in an effort to force his peers to face their own failure to continue the old system of morality, the chivalric rules. This argument between the old and the new arrive at an absolute standoff. He does not understand anyone and no one understands him. Only the very childlike Sancho can get involved and find a solution between Don Quixote and the rest of the world. The setting was Spain 1614
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