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Airbnb - International Marketing Strategy

No description

Inga Piepenstock

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Airbnb - International Marketing Strategy

All about Airbnb
Environmental influences
Strategy analysis
Market analysis
Market entry
Future market
4 P's
Table of Contents
- International Marketing Strategy
Strategy Analysis
Current strategy
Future direction
Suggestion for future strategy
Market Analysis
future direction
target market
Market entry strategy
Future market
African culture regarding Airbnb

Comparison to home market (US, Europe)

Suggestions for managing ethical questions
4 P's
Thank you for your attention!

Environmental Influences
referral marketing strategy

attract new customers and
keep old ones
improve product/add value
expand/new markets

example of Inspired by Iceland:
add value to customer experience
example of China:
use sporting event for increased promotion
professional photographer
luxury traveler
MICE traveler
family reunions
developing markets
Future direction
psychological distance
United States Europe
fast international growth
presence in specific markets
offline advertising
Why Africa?
exotic destination
upcoming market/booming
short-term oriented
US/Europe: straightforward in communicating, individualistic
logistically/politically different
high context/low context
charity organizations
collaboration with tourist organizations
keep adding value to experience
highlight safety conditions
leave price to host
depends on accommodation/ region/local economy
only security verified regions
translation also for African languages e.g. Afrikaans
offline marketing
sponsoring events
charity organizations
displays much development as international e-business
keep being continuously innovative
make use of future opportunities
fast responding to trends to maintain the competitive advantage
Ana Clara Berndt de Souza
Inga Piepenstock
Cheng Han
Rexhinaldo Duro
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