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No description

Olta Cibuku

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of PCM

Next steps 1- Scope (KISS Principle):
a) where
b) what
c) how
2- Objectives (SMART principle)
a) Link objectives with expected outcomes
3- Activities:
a) Link activities with expected outputs
4- Implementation plan
5- Challenges and obstacles
6- Specific roles of each member of the team Formatting/Standardizing the project idea 1- Template provided
2- Give feedback on other teams idea
a) Please be polite
b) Focus on:
i. objectives
ii. risks and challenges
iii. provide success stories for similar projects in your locality Presentation and feedback "From an innovative idea to systems thinking"

Peer feedback

SDA Resource partners


Continues improvement of the project Implementation of the project idea

Get together to share experiences/efforts/
challenges and opportunities Exercise objective and plan 1- We asked participants develop project ideas.
2- Format/Standardize the project
3- Presenting the project and give feedback
4- Continues improvement of the project c) Offer potential solutions
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