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Great Depression - USA

No description

Camille Grenier

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Great Depression - USA

Great Depression
1929-1941 Causes Wall Street Crash "Two months after the original crash more then 40 billions dollars were lost." Reduction of purchases Black Tuesday Reduction of Production Smoot-Hawley Tarrif Drought Conditions Fear of lack of money = reduction in spending Lack of monetary exchanges
25 % reduction in working population Help and protect American businesses
Higher tax import rates = Less foreign trade Horrid conditions for farming
Lead to bankruptcy - Could not pay high taxes
Less food being produced to feed the starving population Social and Cultural Effects Negative Effects on the Population Crimes rates elevated and workers were pushed to commit suicides There was immense malnutrition throughout the country. The lack of hygiene lead to bacteria and many diseases. The death count in the states increased greatly. Could Not Obtain Proper Education Could not afford education
Schools were understaffed or shut down
Education system crashed - lead to home schooling without proper materiel and methods
Less qualified personnel
Less job opportunity There were 5 major causes to the American Great Depression. Many resembled our own. One of the causes was a trigger to the start of the depression. Positive Long Term Effects on the Population Even though these times were very rough and hard to live through, there were positive aspects that are still affective today. Changes in Government It is during this period that emerged:
The Labor of Unions
Welfare State
Collective bargaining
Soup kitchens became common Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Many families moved from the Great Plains - Arizona and California (Cultural diversity).
Other individual moved out of the country to find higher statuses and jobs (Ethnic diversity). Black Tuesday
October 29 1929
Couldn't sell stocks
Lead to 9 thousand bank failures Political Aspect The war got the States economy started again. Every Day Life Changes Changes in Diet Women started using less expensive foods
Brown sugar instead of white refined sugar
Home canned goods instead of fresh foods
Buying things in large quantities - big flour bags
No longer buying quality meat
Had their own gardens
Found ways to keep vegetables good for winter - wax
Usage of eggs - cheap
Eat foods that had gone bad - cooking it well
These changes lead to recipes like
Pauper's Pudding (Pouding chaumeur)
Soups based with bone broth
Pumpernickel bread Reusing became a necessary talent All toys were hand made - Dolls out of fabric and little trucks out of scraps
Shoes were extremely expensive - Soles were lined with paper or card board
Brown wrapping paper was reused - book covers or writing paper
Large flour bags were turned into fabric - dresses, pants and shirts
Mattresses and pillows were made with uncleaned duck and chicken feathers or straw (very uncomfortable)
Animals were kept in the house - survive winter, were not stolen + Gave warmth Markets Exchanges were made for goods
Objects were stolen or killed for
Arrival of guard dogs Goat + Rooster = Flour + Corn Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) Elected (Republican) despite having no elected office experience - self made man with a lot of community respect
Generous president: redistributed his salary to charity
Economy crashed 8 months after being elected Hoover Dam - Project to create jobs and employment to citizens.
Increases income tax rates: between 25%-63%
Increases corporate taxes Hoover's Governmental Changes ** After Hoover's departure Roosevelt continues to use some of his strategies. ** Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933-1945) ** Hoover was voted out and replaced by Franklin D. Roosevelt of the Democratic Party. ** Roosevelt's New Deal changed everything. It Affected ;
labor unions
Catholics It implied the so called 3R's ;
Relief: for the unemployed and poor
Recovery: boost up the economy again
Reform: re-create another financial system to avoid a repeat of the depression. Examples
Collective Bargainning
Creating projects to lower unemployment rate
Housing Sector : getting people to buy and construct houses - more affordable due to longer mortgaging systems (30 years instead of 5-10 years)
Social security for handicapped and fatherless families
More trade with other countries- to help each other out The government always has an immense impact on the population. The decisions made by yesterday's president can effect today's president greatly. The two men in charge during the depression are good examples of this. Bibliography 1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Hoover
2) http://history1900s.about.com/od/1930s/p/greatdepression.htm
3) http://www.greatdepressioncooking.com/Welcome.html
4) http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/243118/Great-Depression/234447/Economic-impact
5) http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/depression/depression.htm http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/depression/depression.htm WAAAAKE UPPP! - GAME TIME :) Team 1 Team 2 How long was the duration of a mortgage, before the depression? What were the 3Rs Roosevelt intended to apply? Who is President Franklin Roosevelt? A) C) D) E) B) What was one of the advantages that came from the Depression? A) Straw mattresses
B) Collective Bargaining
C) Poor education
D) Better market exchanges What was the unemployment percentage rate during the Depression? A) 67%
B) 100%
C) 25%
D) 12% What is the name used to represent the event that triggered the Great Depression? A) Black Tuesday
B) Black Thursday
C) Good Friday
D) Grey Wednesday How many main causes did we enumerate responsible for the Depression? What new food became popular during this time that goes well with spinach dip? What was introduced during The Great Depression ? A) Cannibalism
B) Guard dogs
C)The telephone
D) Domestic animals
Why did women cook with brown sugar instead of white sugar during the depression ? How many months after did the economy crash after Hoovers election? A)Immediately
B)Hoover never became president of the United States
C)8 months
D) 3months Finish the sentence : One of President Hoover's strategies was building the ________. A) Hoover Falls
B) Hoover Vacuums
C) Hoover Cathedral
D) Hoover Dam Roosevelt’s action plan to re-energize the economy is called? A) New Deal
B) The old Testament
C) Old Deal
D) Done Deal Dental services = Child birth A) The owner of the house made the decision
B) 45 or more
C) 30 years
D) 15 years A) 1
B) 4
C) 8
D) None of the above
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