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Life On Board a Submarine

No description

Sarah Norris

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Life On Board a Submarine

Sarah Norris Life On Board a Submarine "Members of America’s Navy face everyday challenges, perform specific duties and, invariably, they become better for it. And no matter what you think you know about the U.S. Navy, one thing is true: No two people experience the Navy in the same way".

Although though the United States Navy has good living areas for its sailors, areas are still cramped and small. While you are on board a ship or submarine, sailors are given a rack for sleeping and a very small area for storage. While on land, sailors could live in a barracks, known as an apartment or a house.
(Life On Board) To be allowed on board a submarine you must undergo many tests. You also must have the physical and and emotional abilities to go on.

2 months of formal training is required. While he or she is in training they learn about the history, classes, and types of subs. Also engineering aspects, weaponry and damage control of subs. Training Submarines are some of the most amazing pieces of machinery. Some subs date back to World War II and the Cold War.

The entry ladder is the first and last way you see the outside world on a submarine.

In the control console all you see is wires, screens, cables, switches, levers and dials

The galley or the kitchen is very small and leaves little space to move around.
(Inside a Submarine) Life Inside a Submarine Subs can be under water for 990 days at a time. So serving good food is a way to make up for " one of the toughest assignments in the military. "Submarine
food is one of the best types of food in the military.

The food is most commonly served buffet style, The crew can eat as much as they want in a short amount of time. There is no weight limit on subs yet their fitness rooms have one exercise bike in the engine room
The food can be prime rib, baked lobster tails, sauteed mushrooms, baked potatoes and beef rice soup.
(What types of food & more food and rooms) Food Living Quarters Works Cited Escape Tower A control room inside a submarine
(Submarine Control Room) This is a typical submarine kitchen or "Galley" Galley (Kitchen) While on a ship or sun sailors are provided with a "berthing area". In one they are given a locker for storage and a "rack" for sleeping. On all vessels they have "mess decks" where sailors can watch TV and play games. Some even have ATMS and mail services where they can contact family and friends.
(Free Time) This is a typical bed on a sub
(Submarine bunks)
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