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Witchcraft and Animism in South Africa

No description

Jared Polk

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Witchcraft and Animism in South Africa

The alleged us of supernatural or magical powers. Often believed to be in the league with the devil. Causes of Escalation When It All Began Solutions Outlook For The Future The local paranoia towards witches escalated and escalated, but is finally starting to fall. The violence is becoming less common, but the reports of witchcraft are not. Often the reports and incidents of witchcraft and magic are accompanied with alcohol and other drugs. Leading to an uncontrolled violence. Reports of Witchcraft or other forms of "magic" began coming in during or around the 1990s. Obviously these reports could not be true and were most likely reported due to local paranoia. The only solution attempted by the local population is to simply run the accused person out of town or perhaps even kill them. But there have been efforts to properly educate and teach people that magic actually isn't real. As a result, the violence has greatly decreased. The outlook for this conflict does not look to be a good one. My guess is that the "witches" will be all wiped out or forced into hiding before any peace is reached. In a country such as this paranoia can cause people to do rash things and unfortunately I do not see an overall "good" outcome happening Witchcraft and Animism in South Africa Animism:
The belief in the existence of non-human "spiritual beings" or similar kinds of embodied principles. There is no seperation between the spiritual and physical worlds The overall situation in South Africa between the animists and "witches" has gradually been defused. The violence is decreasing but the frequency of reports has not. This leaves a possibility that a future event might cause hostilities to spark up once again and result in more deaths across the country. Current Situation
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