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The United States Constitution

No description

Sean Place

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of The United States Constitution

Written in 1787 but ratified in 1788
Authored by James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution
Outlines plan for new government
Later included a list of individual rights, called the "Bill of Rights"
The Constitution
Allows for the Constitution to be used to resolve all kinds of disputes
Women's Suffrage
Global Effect and Relevance
The Constitution is still used everyday
Many nations have modeled their own governments and constitutions off of the U.S. Constitution
The Constitution was a drastic change from the tyrannical government of Great Britain
Did not include a monarchy like King George III
Representative Democracy with 3 Branches of Government, checks and balances
US/VA History
The United States Constitution
But why is it important??
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