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Expectations for new school year!

Interacting with others

Amy Owens

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Expectations for new school year!

Expectations for the new school year! RESPECT!!! You are expected to show
respect to everyone at EDMS.
This includes all teachers, whether
he/she teaches you or not, other
students, administrators, school
counselors, secretaries, clinic staff,
librarians, attendance aides, cafeteria
staff, custodians, and visitors, including
substitute teachers! When an adult speaks
to you, you show respect by:
Standing or directly facing the person.
Making eye contact. NO EYE ROLLING!!!
Respond appropriately to questions and directions. Four appropriate ways to respond!
1. Say "OK" and complete the task.
2. Say "Yes" and complete the task.
3. Say "Yes ma'am" or " Yes Sir" and complete the task.
4. Complete the task and say nothing at all. Remember!
How you say it is as important as what you say! Follow directions immediately without
arguing or complaining!
Back talk is NOT okay. "Sucking your teeth is not okay!" If you are asked by an
adult to leave the room,
get up quietly and leave
without causing a disruption
or drawing attention to yourself.
Don't assume the worst! Most
of the time you just need a
break or to have a private
conversation with you.
It doesn't mean you're in trouble!!! If you need to enter
a room where something
is going on:
come in quietly
ask a neighbor what's going on
don't cause another disruption Respect is a two way street that everyone should follow!
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