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The History of Anne bonny

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on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of The History of Anne bonny

Anne Bonny was an Irish woman who became a famous pirate,operating in the Caribbean.
Bonny's family travelled to the New World very early in her life. At first the family had a rough start in there new home ( her mother died shortly after they arrived in North America)
It is recorded she had red hair and was considered a good catch,but may have had a fiery temper,at age 13 she supposedly stabbed a servant girl with a table knife.
Anne Bonny married a poor sailor and small time pirate James Bonny. James Bonny hoped to win possession of his father in laws estate,but Anne was disowned by her father. In the Bahamas,Bonny began mingling with pirates in the local tavern. She met Calico Jack and she became his lover. Later on Jack and Anne had a child in Cuba who was named Cunningham. When Jack and his crew were hung and taken in Jamaica Bonny's last words to Jack was " sorry to see you there,but if you 'd fought like a man,you wouldn't be hanged like a dog."
After being sentenced,Mary Read and Anne Bonny both "pleaded their bellies" asking for mercy because they were pregnant. In accordance with English common law,both woman recieved a temporary stay of excecution until they gave birth,Read died in prison,most likely from a fever,though it has been alleged she died during childbirth.There is no historical record of Bonny's release or of her excecution.This has fed speculation that her father ransomed her;that she might have returned with her husband or even she has resumed a life of piracy under a new identity.
The History of Anne bonny
by alex cornejo

Anna Cormac ( or Anne Bonny) was the daughter of servant woman Mary Brennan and her mothers employer Lawyer William Cormac.
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