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Slated By Teri Terry Characters

No description

Anna Montgomery

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Slated By Teri Terry Characters

Slated By Teri Terry Characters
Kyla is the main character of the book and is a round character. She is sixteen years old and has been "slated". Slated is when the government gives you a second chance at life because, you did something bad in your past. Kyla question the government's reasoning. After being the hospital for nine months for being sent home to the Davis family. She is used to having nightmares but, she realizes that these dreams seem strangely familiar. This is when she starts putting her past together and begins to really question the government. She realizes that they are lying about why they slate people. Through the entire books she is trying to find the truth behind slating and herself. She eventually finds a person that is doing the same. They have a connection between them of wanting to end slating. Kyla is determined to do it no matter what it costs.

Other Significant Characters
Is Kyla's best friend who is eighteen and has also been slated.Just like Kyla he loves to run. Working out is the way he gets his levo down or how happy or sad he is. He does not have the same special talents or skills as Kyla but, he is different in the way he questions the government. He aids Kyal her in the questions about the government and slating

Amy is Kyla's dark skinned sister who is in fact very bubbly. Amy has always been a feeling of warmth when she is in the Davis household. She begins to get really close to her sister and her friends. Amy is kind of different in the same way Kyla is in the way that both automatically called their "parents" mum and dad.
Phoebe is commonly called a , "slater hater". Phoebe trips kyla on the buss to school and is proud to say that she has done so. Phoebe caused Kyla to have a bloody lip and is proud to say she has. Through out the story she cause probles with Kyla and even tries to get at Ben her friend.

Doctor Lysander;
Doctor Lysander could also be viewed as the antagonist because, she is the one who created slating. slating is the thing that Kyla hates the most but, is so confused about. Kyla wants to figure out why slating exist and ewhy she out of all people have their memories still.
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