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the types of rocks

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rolonda dixon

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of the types of rocks

The Types Of Rocks
Examples of metamorphic rocks
Igneous rocks are called fire rocks.
They are either formed under ground or above.
Igneous rocks are also formed when volcanic erupts.
Over a long period of time, the pieces became press together and forms a solid rock.
Most sedimentary rock is formed under water.


Quartzite is found in Brazil and it forms When silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2) combine.
Marble is found in the mountainous region all over the world.When limestone is heated and has pressure put on it, its calcite is melted. Larger crystals are formed and this is marble.

Change by heat pressure and chemical reaction.
It is also a intrusive rock .
Two basic kind of metamorphic rocks are (Follated and non-follated)

Schist is found all over the world and formed of high pressure and high temp. that align the grains of mica.
Phyllis is made up of mainly very fine grained mica. Ans is found in the Scotland.
Granite rocks are formed by slowly cooling pockets of magma that were trap beneath the earth surface. And they were found in Gray son county, Halifax, and Pennsylvania.
Scoria is formed when lava cools quickly above ground. And found in Mount wellington and new zealand.
Obsidian rock is actually glass and not a mixture of minerals and forms when lava cools quickly above ground. It is also found in western utah.
Examples of sedimentary rocks
shale rocks are fromed from clay that is compacted together by pressure. And it was found in lagoon, lakes, and flood plains.
sandstone rock is made from small grains of minerals (quartz and feldpar). It can be found in beaches or desert.
Limestone are made from the mineral calcite which came from the beds of evaporated seas and lakes and from sea animal shells. And can be found virtually anywhere in the ancient sea .
conglomerate rock are made up of sediments like sand and pebbles. And was found around ocenas or steady rivers.
Examples of igneous rocks
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