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Giraffes and elephants

No description

Isabelle Lanter

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Giraffes and elephants

Giants of the wild
Giraffes and Elephants have many similarities,however they have many differences. They are both majestic creatures that roam the earth. They are not harmful, but they are beautiful.
Have you ever wondered about these animals?
Giraffes eat the plants of a Mimosa Genus
They live 25 years on average, and even longer in captivity
Habitat- grasslands & open woodlands in Eastern Africa
Offspring- a giraffe can only have 1-2 babies
Elephants eat, grass, leaves, flowers, fruit, bamboo, and many other foods
They live 80 on average or less in captivity
Habitat- savvanahs, and forests, in South Asia, and Africa
Offspring- 4-12 babies
Their similarities
Giraffes and Elephants-
They are both herbavores
They're both hunted
And their natural predator is the lion
Giraffes and elephants

Text Structure Project
Compare and contrast

Isabelle Lanter
English-1st hour
Their differences
Giraffes- males usually weigh 3500lbs and females weigh 1800lbs
Elephants- males usually weigh 7000lbs and females weigh 4000lbs
Venn diagram
In conclusion, giraffes and elephants are both phenomanol and majestic creatures that roam the earth. They may have differences, but wherever there is a difference there is a similarity.
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