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Charles Darwin

No description

Alba Berrio

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Charles Darwin


Charles Darwin
What does he do?
Who was Charles Darwin?
Charles Darwin was an Inportant scientific
the first that confirmed that there was some relationship between humans and apes...
Our body is composed of "letters" continue, what differentiates us from others is that changing a single letter. All these letters form the DNA.
(we are cousins)
Charles Darwin no
If we compare scientifically with a fly we would see that we have 50% of genes are equal. However if we compare with a chimpanzee we would see that the figure would be 90%.
was a scientific naturalist
who explained that all species have evolved over time
Before our physical appearance was more like that of ximpaze only time mankind has evolved
Our physical
We were long ago?
when it created the earth?
The planet was formed 4,540 million years
and the unique people who live
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