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What I like

My prsentation is about what i like to do, in my life.

Vanessa Alvarez

on 20 April 2012

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Transcript of What I like

What I like.
By:Vanessa I Love Photography. I had my first camera, since I wus 9 years old. I like to take Nature Pictures.They are so colorful and pretty. I love to ware
VANS OFF THE WALL. I like to skateboard, and I have since I wus 10 years old. I will like to play electric guitar.
But I am barely learning. But I know how to play,
acoustic guitar.An I like it. I like to play Rock Band with my brothers. I love to play Soccer.
My favorite sport. I like cars that
have 84's rims. I like to save
my own money. I like Cross Ccountry.You get tier fast.
2 mile race. I like Facebook .
I chat with my friends I like to play
Cstle Crashers. And yes he is puh-ping
Rainbow. I like to dance.
At Quinceneras. I like and love my chihuahua
Deisy. I like Hello Kitty . i like to chill with my friends.Esperanza, Samantha and Limerly. Me Esperanza Samantha Limerly I like Nachos and Huney Buns. :D
And all kinds of food. I liek to make wishes.
:D And drinck Peace Tee. I like,I love,I hate
and i adore them.
My parents. I like,Eduardo my big brother and
Marco my midle brother.
They can be so annoying sometimes. Eduardo-Lalo Me Mrco Um we
look weird
18 19 I like to hang out
with my
Best cousins
Nayelli and peanut head
Cesar LOL.
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