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My Leadership Journey

No description

larelle fitt

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of My Leadership Journey

Milena Flament great Now, to make it easier to zoom beyond the slide,
Prezi is releasing its new PowerPoint Import feature. sharing ideas zoom into the details to inspire my staff
My Leadership Brand to lead
clients to grow our business to know my industry TED Conferences invested in Prezi because of their shared mission. Leadership Journey The company now has 80 employees, in its Budapest and San Francisco offices - hailing from 14 countries, Streamline procedures Envigorate staff In Dec. 2011, Prezi raised a $14 million Series B financing led by Accel Partners. The whole world is zooming people are now using Prezi 1 new Prezi created every second. Unabated Growth More than 12 million PowerPoint Import The Prezi Movement My Action Plan My People in every country on earth are using prezi to make their ideas zoom. First, insert a PowerPoint file then insert all your slides at once Prezi launched in Budapest in 2009. Prezi operates on a freemium business model, which makes Prezi available to all, and opened its US headquarters in San Francisco in Fall 2009. The company has been cash-flow positive since year one. Inspire, Engage Efficiency and effectiveness and growing at a rate CTO 2009-2012 Now, prezify them further. of over 1 million users a month. which allows a more effective use of spatial relativity to convey meaning. Care? Why It's not important who you think you are...
It's important who your peers think you are Wakeup! who uses Prezi? Students preview the days content at home, if possible, which includes videos (of both myself explaining content, and others found online), assignments, and links for further inquiry.

In the classroom students use computers, iPads, phones and tablets, to access the internet and follow our entirely web-based lesson." Jared Bret John Trotwood Moore Middle School "Flipped" Classroom Rob Newberry Education A Brief History of Life http://prezi.com/boa21ytdaoxy/ap-bio-evolution-6-brief-history-of-life/ "Peeragogy" Howard Rheingold http://prezi.com/-zuwbm0vur7i/copy-of-peeragogy/ by: David Knuffke Business Consumer Conference Peter Diamandis Annie Escobar Charity Temple Ashley Selman a former Olympic qualifier; runs one of the top personal-training facilities in the Valley: Peter Duffin http://www.topozoo.com/ http://blog.prezi.com/2011/05/11/facebooks-new-campus-is-presented-in-prezi/ http://www.alimat-inc.com/project.php?id=24 http://prezi.com/nhoodyqau2ay/e-reputation-brand-management/ Bernadette Martin Julie Vetter http://prezi.com/ptve2tu78evu/your-story-can-change-the-world-master/ http://prezi.com/row6dzyapfic/jr-inside-out-project/ Street Artist - "JR" Your Story Can Change the World Inside Out Project http://prezi.com/u1401xeapltd/emotional-equations/ Emotional Equations Chip Conley http://prezi.com/g4_rsqna6kvl/abundance-the-future-is-better-than-you-think/ Abundance - The Future is Better Than You Think TED 2012 TED 2012 Tim Berners Lee Davos 2010 World Economic Forum SXSW 2012 http://prezi.com/_zjirtmsoxrb/tedmed-2011-daniel-kraft-md/ Daniel Kraft MD TEDMED Start-Up Weekend http://prezi.com/r5ldr20rbl3o/swedu-bay-feb-24-26/ http://prezi.com/xe5thxwgcxz1/if-you-put-it-that-way/ Leticia Britos Cavagnaro Stanford
d.school http://prezi.com/qu3ogkdnh5vb/prezume-of-charity-temple/ Milena Flament http://prezi.com/ybzhchzydmq6/milenas-prezime/ Chatsworth International School
in Singapore Thought leaders, conference speakers, educators and students, businessmen and women ... ... anyone who wants to zoom outside the slide. Randy Howder Facebook's new headquarter was pitched using Prezi Improve reporting https://prezi.com/7zvirx7ckytt/a-colonial-commencement/?auth_key=9360a17bf756177ddd042f577de0baaac0f65c90 John Wilson Stuart Taylor, et. al https://prezi.com/xwja941po289/wonderland/ choose from mulitple layout shemes ... ... or drag and drop. zoom into the details Organisation 360 degree Feedback Timeliness grow our business Communication
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