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The Secret Life Of Eyeliner

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sam infu

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of The Secret Life Of Eyeliner

The Secret Life Of Eyeliner
The two main forms of eye makeup in ancient times were green eye paint and black kohl. The green eye paint was made of malachite, a green carbonate of copper. The black kohl was made from a substance called galena, a dark grey ore of lead.
Evolution of Eyeliner
Unfortunately, after the fall of Egypt, eyeliner fell out of fashion in all of Europe. Although in Asia eyeliners always remained in use. The moment that re-started the era of eyeliners came in the 1920s, this was during the time where many women had abandoned the fashion of Victorian era to embrace a new fashion that was inspired by stage actors, Hollywood, musicians and photography. This started up many cosmetic industry companies. Marketing budgets soared with new inventions appearing on a monthly basis.
These products have been used by
humans as long as since ancient times.
When the 20th century came around the use
of cosmetics reached an ultimate high as more and more individuals wanted to enhance their image to feel good about themselves. During this presentation I will be talking about a particular type of cosmetic known as eyeliner. Eyeliner is very important in the cosmetic world because it was the first product that commenced the act of wearing make-up.
The use of eye liner also played an important role in the afterlife of the ancient Egyptians. The deceased had to be dressed in white garments and apply their eyes with kohl in order to face the judgement of Osiris to move on to the afterlife. Cleopatra was also a very big representation for eyeliner. Cleopatra highlighted the use of eyeliner to prolong her youth and beauty, this is what first encouraged eyeliner as a beauty aesthetic.

Overall in Egyptian times, eyeliner was a must-have both for men and women, not only for beauty purposes but also as spiritual and antibacterial protection.

History of Eyeliner
The history of eyeliner began all the way back in about 3100BC. The people of Ancient Egypt began to wear Kohl (a type of Eyeliner) as a protection against sand and other elements. It also a belief that eyeliner had a power to protect individuals from the evil eye, therefore all the Egyptian Queens and other noble women wore it as a sign of high honour and authority.
Upper eye-lids were painted black and lower ones were coloured green. Egyptians believed that cosmetics had magical powers. They paid extra attention to eye makeup and usually lined their eyes using a wooden stick to create an almond shape. The almond-shaped eye resembles the falcon eye of the God Horus. The eye of
Horus was believed by the Egyptians to have magical protective powers from the myth of the battle of Horus, where it was said he lost his left eye which was later magically restored. This motivated the ancient Egyptians to wear the black kohl to ward off evil spirits.
The exact moment when eyeliners came into popularity was 1922, after the archeological discovery by two Englishmen. Deep under the great pyramids of Giza they found the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun. Worldwide coverage of this event introduced Ancient Egyptian eyeliner to the west, where it was instantly accepted. After the initial moderate eyeliner use between 1920s and 1960s, the 70s gave birth to many new fashion types that used eyeliner in alternative ways, such as punk and gothic fashion which relied on dramatic eye effect. In the late 20th century, “Emo” subculture highly popularized eyeliners in the male population. Ever since eyeliner appeared in the modern fashion, it became very popular among females and males who clearly embraced it and never let it go.
Modern Day
Modern day eyeliner is used strictly as a cosmetic, it is applied as a line around the eyes to make them appear larger and more defined. You can also apply eyeliner around the contours of the eye to create a variety of aesthetic illusions. Eyeliner is made from a mixture of synthetic chemicals, metal compounds for colour, and wax for consistency. Depending on the texture, eyeliner can be softly smudged or clearly defined. There are five main types of eyeliner available on the market today:
Liquid eyeliner
- a liquid formula that usually comes in a small bottle and is applied with a tiny brush or felt applicator. It creates a sharp, precise line. It is often only applied to the upper lashline due to it being so defined.
Powder-based eye pencil
- eyeliner in a wood pencil. It is generally available in dark matte shades.
Wax-based eye pencils
- softer pencils and contain waxes that ease application. They come in a wide variety of intense colours as well as paler shades such as white or beige. Wax-based eyeliners can also come in a cone or a compact with brush applicator.

Kohl eyeliner
- a soft powder available in dark matte shades. It is most often used in black to outline the eyes. It comes in pencil, pressed powder, or loose powder form. This type of eyeliner is more likely to smudge.
Gel eye liner
- which is a softer gel liner, that can be easily applied with an eyeliner brush. It can be precisely applied and is softer than liquid eye liner.
There are literally hundreds of ways to apply eyeliner and there are many online tutorials to help teach any individuals in need of help.

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Appearance definitely plays a significant role in making a first impression. Although natural beauty is important, any woman can define and enhance their appearance with the help of cosmetics. Cosmetics are a great tool to help make any lady (or man) feel more confident about their looks.

In the end, eyeliner has changed a lot over
the centuries but the beauty purpose remains the same. Cosmetics can tell a lot about a person, it can help one gain confidence, or it can help hide insecurities. Cosmetics have truly changed the world by making it possible for individuals to feel good about themselves. Although this is only perceived beauty, it can still certainly help many people struggling with their appearance. Eyeliner also encourages individuality as there are thousands of ways to make it define you and call it your own.
Overall, eyeliner is a product
treasured by many women and men. This trend is certainly one that the human race
will not let go.
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