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Decoding QR Codes Scavenger Hunts

Presented at TATN 2013--Austin, TX

Rebekah McPherson

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Decoding QR Codes Scavenger Hunts

Decoding QR Codes
Scavenger Hunts History What is needed? QR code generator QR Code Reader App Mobile device with Camera Now you're ready to scan away! Other Uses in the Classroom Why so popular? What are QR Codes? QR Codes in Education- Still in Infancy Creates your QR Code Make learning more engaging and "on demand"
Another option for differentiating instruction QR= Quick Response Barcodes that link to anything you wish them to link to:
And much more! Kepler, O., Force, S., & Huckeba, C. (2012). QR Codes in the Classroom The Amazing Race: Social Studies Edition. Presented in Austin, TX at the Texas Computer Education Association Conference. Retrieved from TCEA online program database. •Warm-up activities: quick scan QR code to start the lesson with an objective or question.

•Station ideas: post QR codes around the room with different topics/learning objectives at each code that relate to your content for the day.

•Famous People/Places—put a QR code on each student and have them go around the room, scan each other and discuss their person/place (maybe even just describe their person/place and the students have to figure out who/where they are)

•Homework help. Sending home a worksheet or online assignment? Attach a QR code to it that has tips/hints/formulas/etc that will help the students with their learning.

•Student Feedback for Yes/No or Open ended questions. A pre-written SMS goes to an SMS service to be accessed by the presenter through a webpage.

•Class notes can be turned into a QR code so students can pay more attention during lecture/discussion times and participate instead of focusing on writing down everything.

•Links to Google Documents, Videos, Homework, Shared projects, News stories, BrainPop, Quia, Google Maps, Khan Academy, etc. •Paper Test with map or chart questions? Okay, but lessen the amount of paper by using QR codes to link the maps and charts.
•Using textbooks, but want more? Put QR codes in your textbook (use a sticker/post it note) that links to an extension of the content, a game, video, assignment, etc.
•Attach Codes to assignments that go over the answers for quick homework check and feedback for students to verify their learning.
•Have students create resumes with QR codes that link to their own personal website, blog, or twitter account.
•Business Cards: http://snapmyinfo.com/ QR Code Video examples Elementary classroom using QR codes to scan web addresses for easy access to sites. How one school district is using QR codes Image from http://850media.tumblr.com/ Image from http://snapprod.blogspot.com/2011/06/12-steps-to-creating-qr-code-campaign.html Image from http://www.securedgenetworks.com/secure-edge-networks-blog/?month=4&year=2012 Image Credits:
Hand Holding iPhone
T-Shirt with QR Code
http://prsanantonio.blogspot.com/2011/02/ready-to-try-qr-codes.html http://blog.bitly.com/post/3941676281/bitlys-got-a-brand-new-mobile-site How do I create a QR Code? How do I read a QR Code? Now it's your turn! Now it's your turn! Rebekah McPherson
American College of Education
Rebekah.McPherson@ace.edu Haley Wallace
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy
Sand Springs Public Schools
haley.wallace@sandites.org Before we begin:
Download a QR Code Reader App of your choice. I recommend NeoReader. What are QR codes?
How do I create a QR code?
Apps for reading QR codes
What are the steps involved for creating a QR Code Scavenger Hunt?
Other examples of hunt ideas by subject

Directions: Break into groups of 6-7. Find QR codes placed around the room and scan to reveal the item you need to find. Return to your group and look for the item among your belongings. Once you have found as many items as you can, arrange them to resemble a face, take a picture with a smartphone, and email your picture to Rebekah.McPherson@ace.edu. Include your team name in the email title. You have 10 mins.

Rules: None :)

To Win: Be the first one to have the most items, arranged as a face, and emailed to Rebekah.McPherson@ace.edu READY. SET. GO! SCAVENGER HUNT COMPONENTS PURPOSE: What is the purpose of your scavenger hunt?
a. Subject specific apps
b. Teach objectives
c. Integrate mobile devices TYPE: What Type of Scavenger Hunt is it?
Is there a theme?
a. List of objects to find
b. Fact finding
c. Solving a problem
d. Completing tasks
e. Photographing
f. Videoing
g. Audio Recording LOCATION(S): Where will the hunt take place? What are the boundaries?
a. Inside
b. Outside
c. (1) Classroom
d. Multiple rooms PARTICIPANT(S): Who else will be involved? Do you need judges?
a. No one
b. Principal
c. Teacher(s)
d. Librarian
e. Nurse
f. Other STRUCTURE: How do you want this to work?
a. Synchronous (a class period)
b. Asynchronous (posters around the school)
c. Teams
d. Individual
e. Time limit
f. Participant Safety
g. Scoring
h. Rules
i. How to win LIST ITEMS SUBMISSION: How do you want to receive the completed tasks?
a. Handed in piece of paper
b. Email Information adapted from: Sapp, K. (March 14, 2006). Scavenger Hunt Basics - Important Tips For Planning Successful Scavenger Hunts. Retrieved 2/2/2013 from http://EzineArticles.com/161469 Walczak, L. (2013). How To Plan A Scavenger Hunt: A Fun Adult Game To Play Outdoors (Or Indoors). Retrieved 2/2/2013 from http://games.thefuntimesguide.com/2011/09/scavenger-hunts.php QR CODE SCAVENGER HUNT 1. Select your apps and skills to assess 2. Write your activities and clues
a. Consider your school’s wireless situation
b. In addition to the first Clue, I like to create “Extra Help Clues.” 4. Do a test run yourself (make adjustments) 5. Place your codes at locations 6. Decide how you will introduce the Scavenger Hunt to your students

a. Check mobile device availability
b. Students need to download app(s)
c. Will need to teach students how to scan code
d. How to submit answers
e. Set behavior expectations
f. How you will actually begin the hunt If you need to make a scavenger hunt quickly— http://www.classtools.net/QR/ b. Make a page of QR codes with the clues & activities. Be sure to number them before you cut up (have multiple QR codes at each location). Don’t make the QR codes too small. Scavenger Hunt ideas by subject: Math
Social Studies
Other- Audience Participation- QR Code Scavenger Hunt QR CODE STEPS FOR PLANNING a. I create an “Instructor’s Only” document that has the check-off lists for the groups and all the written clues. Image from http://850media.tumblr.com/ Rebekah's Example: iPad Training for Teachers 3. Create your QR codes Thank you for coming! Contact Information

Rebekah McPherson
American College of Education
Core Faculty, Digital Teaching and Learning

Haley Wallace
Northwoods Fine Arts Academy
Sand Springs Public Schools
Elementary Computer Teacher
@hwallace1220 Haley's example: QR Code Scavenger Hunt
with Elementary Students Photo credits: Tim Lee What will we be learning today? - the periodic table - fact focus - health/fitness questions with answers on football field - the writing process - events on a timeline -Random Acts of Kindness Our Prezi OUR PREZI Our handout HANDOUT http://azonmedia.com/en/qrcode-generator
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