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Scott McPate Portfolio


Scott McPate

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of Scott McPate Portfolio

Scott McPate Portfolio
Brief: To use design to help tackle the issue of knife crime.

Solution: A mock holiday brochure was devised in a pamphlet format.
Brief: To encourage creative mentors to help with the Create Not Hate scheme and to take a chance on Britain’s youths.

Solution: To use true celebrity stories which demonstrate hardship in their younger lives but also how they have emerged to become successful.
Brief: Main proposition was to make Scottish Blend Scotland’s cup of tea and to focus on real Scottish people and not to delve into stereotypes.

Solution: For radio, the idea was to highlight small things that make them proud to be Scottish.
For posters, lines from the radio were integrated into the posters.
Brief: To show the seabird centre is an all year round experience.

Solution: Present all the events that happen throughout the year, with fun cartoons’.
email: smcpate@hotmail.com
tel no. 0405 910 311
D&AD Awards – Create Not Hate
Scottish Seabird Centre
Scottish Blend
Rose’s Awards – Knife Crime
Brief: To create a long copy press ad for a charity organisation

Solution: Chose Alzheimer's in Scotland and told a story from the perspective of a family member.
Alzheimer's in Scotland
Interior Bus Ads
Press Ads
Press Ads
Press Ad
Mail Drop: Leaflets
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