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Carmen, Costa Rica

No description

david murray

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Carmen, Costa Rica

Carmen, Costa Rica
David Murray
The climate is sub tropical year round, Carmen lands on the northern boarder where there is more precipitation
This area has a soil known as Inceptisol Ustepts, this is largely used for crop land or grazing here in the US
For the foundations of all of the buildings that would be built on this land a sort of platform on top of pile system would be used.
In terms of crops, a crop of 30% coffee and 70% banana would grow due to the climate.
There are two plate boundaries close to Carmen that present a danger of earth quakes. These plate boundaries are the Caribbean/North American plate boundary and the Caribbean/Cocos boundary
North American plate
This farm is in an ideal location for farming and an investor looking to grow tropical plants would want to grow on land such as this, also this land will yield year round since the weather doesn't change in temperature. The soil in the area is highly fertile that improves crop yield. Even though there is two plate boundaries close by the amount of danger from an earthquake or volcano are very low.
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