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Photosynthesis Biology IGCSE

No description

Ahmed Shoeb

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Photosynthesis Biology IGCSE

Plants Need Food IGCSE.................
Photosynthesis Plants Need Food....
Plants, like animals, require raw materials
for building tissues and as a source of energy.
They manufacture everything they need out
of simple ions and compounds available in
the environment. Defining Photosynthesis: Photosynthesis And Plant Nutrition Photosynthesis is the process in which light energy,
trapped by chlorophyll. This process convert carbon
dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen.
This Process is called photosynthesis During photosynthesis:
Light energy is absorbed by chlorophyll, a green substance found in chloroplasts in some plant cells.
Absorbed light energy is used to convert carbon dioxide (from the air) and water (from the soil) into a sugar called glucose.
Oxygen is released as a product. Factors limiting
photosynthesis Light Intensity Without enough light, a plant cannot do photosynthesis very quickly, even if there is plenty of water and carbon dioxide. Increasing the light intensity will boost the speed of photosynthesis. Carbon Dioxide Concentration Sometimes photosynthesis is limited by the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. Even if there is plenty of light, a plant cannot do photosynthesis if there is no carbon dioxide. 1. How Plants Get There Food
2. What Is Photosynthesis
3. How The Leaf Adapted For The Photosynthesis
4. The Requirements for Photosynthesis
5. The Products Of Photosynthesis This video shows what happens in photosynthesis: This Presentation Shows... Temperature If it gets too cold, the rate of photosynthesis will decrease. Plants cannot do photosynthesis if it gets too hot. The availability of light. A temperature suitable for the enzyme activity. Testing Leaves For Starch I Will Show You A Video To Demonstrate that light is necessary for photosynthesis But it is not that simple!!! The presence of a pigment to absorb the light. A supply of carbon dioxide and water. Requirements for photosynthesis Carbon Dioxide Concentration Temperature. 2. 1. 3. Light Intensity Three factors can
limit the speed of photosynthesis: Plants Are Autotrophic (Self-Feeding) Prepared And Presented By Ahmed Shoeb Grade: 9 2012-2013
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