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How I Use Twitter for Professional Development


Garth Nichols

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of How I Use Twitter for Professional Development

It's a social media website that
allows for micro-blogging using
only 140 characters. It means that you have to focus
on your message/response/question,
and that you'll get the same in
return. http://blog.ashleylojko.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/twitter_bird.jpg It's quick, and relatively straight forward, once you get
a handle on the 140 characters per post It expands your network for PD
and it exposes you to other
grade levels, curriculum, and
other highly motivated, curious
teachers. It makes PD work
on your own
schedule! How I am Using It To strengthen my communication
skills and articulate my thoughts
beliefs and actions (i.e. why I
do things in my classroom, and
leadership position To share and collaborate with
other highly motivated, curious
teachers, that are craving a PD
experience that is not a sit 'n git,
nor is it a traditional PLC model. To ask Pedogogical questions, and
get responses from a wide arena of
collaborators, from which I will get
novel perspectives, suggestions, strategies, and answers...so...now it's your turn What is Twitter? Why Use It? How I Use Twitter for My PD An Example... The other night, watching
"Prom Night In Mississippi" for
my American History Class. I tweeted this, and got an
instant reponse from a teacher
who forwarded me Morgan Freeman
speaking about the inspiration
for this movie I used this as an introduction
to my Civil Rights unit and Kids
Jumped All Over It! This is a just a brief
example of the power of Twitter that can
happen in under 10mins... She shared with me her work using Children's
Books with her Grade 3 class, and I shared how
I have used Children's Books in my Grade 11 class Then she told me about "Facing History.org" - and three teachers are now registered for an OnLine
Webinar in early April. Follow me on Twitter
@ Think_Teach Setting up your Twitter Account
- OCT guidelines are key to understand
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