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The Difference Between Barely and Barley

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zach loiselle

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of The Difference Between Barely and Barley

The Difference
The main difference between the two words is very easy to see. Barley is a noun, and barely is an adverb. The two words are spelled differently, and they are pronounced differently. Bar-a-ly, bar-lee.
How They're Used Incorrectly
1. I barley made it to class.

2. I grew some barely.

3. I barley made enough barely.
Why "Barely" is an Adverb
It's an adverb because it modifies verbs and adjectives (made, had, enough...)

A lot of people may have made this mistake (probably not), but there's a difference between barely, and barley. One of them is barely achieving something, the other one is an ingredient for cereal and very old alcohol related beverages.
The Endless War Between Barely and Barley
Barely is used a lot. Most of the time, you got something but you were just able to grasp it. For example: I barely had enough money for my video game(advanced warfare). One way to not make a spelling mistake is to say barely like so: Bar-e-ly.
Barley is an ingredient for many things, for example: animal food, bread, corn and many forms of alcoholic beverages. In a sentence, it would look like: "Does it have any barley in it?".
Why "Barley" is a Noun
Barley is a noun because it's a real material.
The Masterminds Behind this Masterpiece...
Zach Loiselle
Spencer Hedge
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