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Victorian Era: Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen

No description

Claire Scully

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Victorian Era: Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen

Victorian Ladies
and Gentlemen Victorian Women Victorian Men now lets compare Jobs Clothing Hobbies tighten your corsets and buckle your boots as we take you on a visit to the glorious Victorian men ad women! -A woman's main goal in a Victorian society was to make sure their husband was happy
-finding a husband was the key to happiness
-commonly seen a man's property or a child bearer
-women could work but not enter a profession
-received basic education
-ladies wore tight corsets and fashionable dresses
-the tighter the better!
-long dresses
-did not like to show their ankles Men
-Top hats
-wool coats
-Boots Men
-upperclass did not work
-Maypole Dancing
-Men were the providers for the family
-extremely serious when it came to protecting their family
-had more rights than women
-owned property
-well educated
-school teacher
-house wife
-most did not work Women
-lawn tennis both
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