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Black Spider Monkey

No description

Gilberto Carbajal

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Black Spider Monkey

Habitat Continued
Black Spider Monkey
The taxonomy of a Black Spider Monkey is Ateles Paniscus.
The Black Spider Monkey is 16-24 inches in height and weighs between 15-19 lbs.
A Black Spider Monkey has a tail.
They reproduce by sexual reproduction.
Black Spider Monkey
Endangered Status
The IUCN status of this animal is Vulnerable and ESA status is endangered.
It is found in Eastern South America.
It is a bio diverse hotspot.
Its diet consists of fruits,leaves,flowers,insects, and bird eggs.
The Black Spider Monkey endangered because of the destruction of the tropical rain forest.
It is protected by the Endangered Species Act.
Its color is black and has a robust body.
It can grow from 16 to 24 inches.
Its characteristics are to climb trees and eat food.
Its adaptations are eating leaves and sleeping hanging from a tree.
unique body system of the Black Spider monkey is the Auditory System.
It can live up to 22-25 years in captivity and
up to 35 years in captivity.
A behavior is not going doen to the forest
floor and living in groups of 30 other
The common name of the Black Spider Monkey is Spider Monkey.
Its scientific name is Ateles fusciceps.
It belongs to the Kingdon Animalia,Phylum Chordata,Class Mammalia, Order Primates,Family Atelidae Genus Ateles, and Species Ateles Fusciceps.
It was named Black Spideer Monkey because it ressembles a spider monkey when it hangs on its tail.
Black Spider Monkeys live in a tropical rain forest in South America.
It lives in a Forest Biome.
This biome's abiotic factors are soil,water,rocks,and light.It is very humid and receive 98 inches of rain every year,orchids and vines are dominant plants,and birds, snakes,monkeys,etc live in the forest.

In the tropical rain forest, there are 7 other species at spider monkeys.
The Black Spider Monkey has no migration patterns.
Spider Monkey

Role in Ecosystem
The Black Spider Monkey eats fruits,leaves, flowers,insects,and honey.
It is an omnivore and a prey.
Other organisms that eat the same things it eats are birds.
Organims that eat black spider monkeys are jaguars and ocelots.
A symbiotic relationship is a black spider monkey with fruit bearing plants,and it is mutualism.The plants provide food for the monkey, and the monkey disperses the plants seeds.
The Black Spider Monkey faces
threats from deforestation and hunting.
Human activity caused deforestation and the hunting if the monkeys.
The more serious threat is deforestation
If the Black Spider Monkey were to be extinct tomorrow,it will have a great effect the ecosystem.There would be no seed dispersal,so no more plants,which means there will be no producers.
The Black Spider Monkey reproduces sexually.
When they are mating, they separate from the group.
The length of pregnancy is 7.5 months.
They reproduce every 3 to 4 years.
As much as 4 offspring can be born at a time.
After birth, the parents take care of the offspring for 5 years.

The Black Spider Monkey is endangered because of deforestation.
It is necessary to save so it can help the forests thrive and cultivate.
A human importance is the establishments of foundations.
There are 2000 Black Spider Monkey left in the world.
Something that is helping it from extinction is the ESA(Endangered Species Act).
Something that we can do to help it is donate money,stop deforestation,and stop hunting these monkeys.
Something that is helping in its recovery in the wild is the FSC(Forest Stewardship Council).
it helps in stopping the destruction of
Primate info Net
Angryd Monkey
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