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Social, Political and Economic Changes of the USA in the 1920s

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Tess Whitelaw

on 17 February 2013

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Transcript of Social, Political and Economic Changes of the USA in the 1920s

United States of American during the 1920's The Roaring 20s Economic Changes Political Changes Social Changes Social Changes To the USA during the 1920s Music Film More Social Changes Clothing Automobiles Sport Mass Media Literature Continuing... Ideology Agriculture Industrialisation Conflict and Competition Urbanisation Last of the Social Changes Roaring 20s Evolution Acculturation During the 1920's, film making became a MASS PRODUCTION industry
3 films were rolling off the Hollywood production line each week
In 1929, the first "talkie" was introduced.
Charlie Chaplain was a very well known actor of this time
The place for film was HOLLYWOOD.
Eugine O'Neill was a famous playwright
Film became one of the most popular leisure pursuits in America
By 1930, there was an increase from 40 million cinema tickets in 1920 to 100 million, that were sold each week
There was a so called 'picture palace' in every town
Comedies were the most popular
Early films were silent
The first blockbuster movie was called 'The Birth of a Nation'
Movie stars often appeared in newspapers or magazines Art Jazz music was very common. This originated from the Black Americans.
Louis Armstrong was a very well known musician, as well as Duke Allington and Bessie Smith
Musicals were introduced
They learnt how to put music to film, rather than playing live in a cinema
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