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Nikola Tesla Presentation

Amboji - 6th Period

Tony Tony

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Nikola Tesla Presentation

Syed Wasay
Tony Noun
Lawrence Mangaoang
Zamir Rizvi

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia on the 10th of July 1856. Both of his parents were Serbian. During his early life, Tesla had a peculiar affliction where blinding light flashes would suddenly appear in his eyes followed by hallucinations. In his teens, this caused him to nearly die!
Early life
Nikola Tesla studied at two institutions in Croatia. The first institute that he studied electricity at was Graz Technical University. He was described as an outstanding student. After studying at Graz, Tesla moved to Prague University. But in 1880, Nikola Teslas father suffered from a stroke that unfortunately killed him. Tesla decided to leave Prague without a degree.
In 1887, Tesla started up his own business called Teslas Electric Company in New York. In his business he made and designed AC generators that supplied currents and motors that used the currents. Later in 1888, Tesla sold his patents to U.S industrialist George Westinghouse. He then started working for Westinghouse Electric Company to develop commercial uses for AC.
During his life Nikola Tesla invented many different inventions all mostly AC ( alternating current) some of his wonderful inventions were:
The well-known Tesla coil that we use in radio and television transmission
Artificial lighting
Neon and fluorescent lighting
A wireless radio-controlled boat
He even made an aircraft design! Some of his wonderful inventions are even used by us everyday.
Edison and Tesla were both involved in the War of the Currents in the late 1880s, with Edison promoting the use of direct current (DC) for power distribution, and Tesla supporting alternating current (AC), as it allowed large quantities of energy to be transmitted to power large cities.
Tesla vs Edison
Nikola Tesla unfortunately died on the 7th of January 1943 due to heart failure but will always be remembered.
Tesla had always loved working with electricity and will never be forgotten as he made many important changes to our world. If we did not have Nikola Tesla what would our lives be like?
In 1884, Tesla left Europe to travel to the United States to work with Thomas Edison as an engineer. Edison liked young Tesla but he was a strong supporter of DC. As Tesla was an AC inventor he took little interest in his generation, transmission and motor systems. so Tesla quit the business after one year.
Early Career
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