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The Vindico

Book Presentation #2

Ishan Singh

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of The Vindico

THE VINDICO LIE. CHEAT. SAVE THE WORLD By: Wesley King THE CHARACTERS THE TEENS What is the Vindico? The Vindico is a team of super villains with super powers. They took 5 teens out of their everyday lives to train them to be villains. Once they completed training they will be rewarded with any super power. Each one of the villains in the Vindico has selected one teen of the five, to train them to be a villain and to develop their super powers. James Renwick, is one of the teens who were kidnapped. He just came over a breakup and is bullied a lot at school. The super power that he is training with is super strength. Lana Hunter, has also been kidnapped. She is a sneaky daughter of two overprotective parents. The super power that she is training with is extreme fighting skills and self defense to extreme measures. Hayden Lockwood, is the slacker and funniest of the group. He is taking the kidnapped as a new adventure and is enthusiastic about it. He is 14 and lives alone and doesn't go to school. The super power he has is Telekinesis. That is a power to move things with his mind. Emily Lau, is a independent, computer genius. Once she got to the Vindico she was very excited to play with all the gadgets and new technology. Emily is not training with any super power but is working with the weapons and technology behind the Vindico. Sam Bennett is a quiet, kindhearted person. Sam is very emotional and has a hard time controlling his thoughts. Sam was very nervous and scared about the kidnapping that the other teens had to pull him through it. His power is telepathy. Telepathy is when you can control someone else through your mind and thoughts. THE VILLAINS/MENTORS The Torturer was the strongest of the villains. He selected James to train with super strength. Avaria was an extreme fighter and self defense specialist. She selected Lana to train with extreme fighting skills. Leni was the most powerful in the Vindico. He had telekinesis powers that he used to high levels of power. Leni selected Hayden to train with telekinesis. Rono was the technology villain at the Vindico. He used weapons and all the battle transportation which helped the Vindico. Rono selected Emily to train with the weapons and technology in the Vindico. Silver was the telepath in the group. Silver uses his strong mind to control his enemies. He selected Sam to train with telepathy. The Baron is the leader of the Vindico. He knows everything about it and created the whole thing. THE LEAGUE OF HEROES The League of Heroes are the good guys between the Vindico and League of Heroes. Each person in the Vindico had a personal event in their life involving the League and they hate each other. When the 5 teens were taken to the Vindico, they were forced to train to fight the league. If they escaped, the punishments would be cruel. Their days would look like this... Wake up
Have a group session all together with the Vindico
Personal training with mentors
4 hour work-out with Avaria
Repeat The Baron had a theory to get the 5 teens to join them without hesitation. He did that with announcements. Occasionally the Baron would have the Torturer talk on the announcements about something bad that was going on in the families of the teens. The Baron's plan was for them to feel overwhelmed with emotion that the Vindico could tell them that you would have a better life at the Vindico. That plan worked and the teens were all ready to join and fight. The Sparrow Attack Once the Torturer and Rono thought James and Emily were ready they were going to capture their first League member, The Sparrow. Once they figured out where the Sparrow was located they set off trying to find him. When they arrived they figured out that the Sparrow wasn't alone. Two other League members were there expecting their arrival. After the Torturer and Rono were down it was up to Emily and James to help them. James got the Sparrow unconscious and they took them back to the Vindico happily. With the Sparrow unconscious Silver used his telepathy to seek in the Sparrow's mind to see what's going on in the League. With James and Emily exposed to the some League members when they went to attack, one of the League's founders Thunderbolt has found 2 other teens who he thinks that are way more powerful than the 5 teens the Vindico have. So Leni and Silver have an idea, the Vindico is going to kidnap the 2 teens with the League of Heroes. The League of Heroes' headquarters was very far away from the Vindico but they still wanted those 2 teens. So the whole Vindico and 5 teens set off to kidnap them. Once they got to the front of the League's headquarters everyone was assigned a role. Some were to guard the vehicle, some guarded the front door, and most went to attack. WITH THE KIDNAP OF THE SPARROW THE VINDICO KNEW THAT THE LEAGUE OF HEROES WOULD FIND THEM AND ATTACK THEM. Once they were in they were met with a surprise attack from Thunderbolt who knocked out a lot of them but they could still fight. While some were fighting Thunderbolt, Avaria was struggling with Septor, the League's weapon specialist. When Lana sees her mentor struggling she hurries over to help her. She believes she killed Septor. Lana was so overwhelmed with what she did she didn't speak the rest of the night. With Septor out of the way they can continue with their mission, capturing the two other teens. But Thunderbolt won't allow it. Once they finally get to the room the 2 teens are in they figure out that the 2 teens are going to put up at fight. The girl teen Deanna blocked Silver's mind has he tried to black her out. The boy teen Lyle used his strong telekinesis powers to throw Leni across the room. While Hayden was guarding the door he ran upstairs to help his mentor and they took out the two teens with Silver's help. WITH THE MISSION COMPLETE THERE WAS ONE THING STOPPING THEM AND THAT PERSON WAS THUNDERBOLT. The Torturer was battling Thunderbolt to the death and he was losing. Right when Thunderbolt was about to finish him off, James knocked out Thunderbolt. With an unconscious League member they took him back to the Vindico with the two teens. Still upset about killing Septor, Lana did not want to be at the Vindico anymore. So when everyone was asleep she sneaked into the garage and took the first flying vehicle she saw and set out for home. AT THE BEGINNING OF THE WHOLE THING THE BARON WARNED THE TEENS IF ANYONE ESCAPES THE PUNISHMENTS WOULD BE VERY SEVERE. THE TEENS STUCK TOGETHER THROUGH THIS WHOLE PROCESS. WOULD THEY HELP LANA? WOULD THEY GET HURT IN THAT? WILL THERE BE PEACE BETWEEN THE LEAGUE AND THE VINDICO? All I can say is never train a group of super villains because you never know what they would do. THE MAIN IDEA There were a couple of main ideas in this book but I think a big one is teamwork. I think it was teamwork because in the story even though the teens were being trained as evil villains they still acted like normal people. Even though the craziest thing in their lives happened they worked on it together. Also teamwork brings out emotion in people. When Lana left to go see her family the hardest part about leaving was the regret she would have not doing her part as part of the team. She would also miss them a lot too. That is why I think the main idea in this story was teamwork. MY OPINION My opinion of the Vindico was that is was very entertaining to read. I think that because most chapters in this book are very open ended. What I mean is that it keeps me asking questions. What I like about these books is that you have to read until the very final page to figure out your questions. In previous books like these I read it didn't answer all my questions. But in this book I had a lot of questions that were all answered when I closed the book for good. That is my opinion of this book. MY RECOMMENDATIONS The Vindico was selected for the 2013 Red Maple nominees. So I would recommend it to the grades 7 and 8 students who like action, humor, and adventure. I wouldn't say it was an advanced reading level and it is very easy to follow. MY CONNECTIONS I can relate to the characters Sam and Lana. I can relate to Sam because when he was kidnapped he was terrified and nervous. I can relate because if I were ever in a situation like that I would probably be crying. Sam never really got over the feeling of terror and nervousness but he could control it. I probably would not be able to control my emotions but I can feel how Sam is feeling. This connection helps me understand the story better because it helps me understand what Sam was going through and how tough it would be on him. Also, when I don't connect to a story I am just reading pages, but when I am sometimes I feel like I could talk to the person or interact with them. MY CONNECTIONS (PART 2) I can relate to Lana because in this paragraph Lana is finally realizing what has she gotten herself into. Sometimes that happens in war. Soldiers go to war and see some things normal people don't see. They go to war and do things that normal people don't do. And sometimes they just want to go home and act like nothing ever happened but it did. This helps me understand the story better because I know what happens to some soldiers after war and Lana was feeling those things. This helps me understand the feelings of Lana. ANY QUESTIONS?? THIS CONCLUDES MY PRESENTATION
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