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No description

nirav advani

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of MicroMax

Submitted by:
Nidhi Gupta - 91
Niket Jain - 92
Nikita Sarawagi93
Nikita Sood-94
Nirav Advani - 95
Nishant Garg - 96 Faculty Guide :
Prof. Pankaj Priya Telecom Industry 1851-Introduction of Telegraph Services
1947-Foreign Telecom Companies Nationalized to
form PTT
1980’s-Inrtoduction of Public Pay Phones
- Private Sector allowed
-DOT, MTNL, BSNL formed
1990’s -Birth of TRAI
(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India)
2007-2012 -fastest growth in number of subscribers
-lowest call rates in world

Started in 1995
Essar ,initiator in India
More than 900
million users in India Mobile Industry Telephone Subscribers (Wireless and Landline): 960.9 million (May 2012)

Land Lines: 31.53 million (May 2012)

Cell phones: 929.37 million (May 2012)

Monthly Cell phone Addition: 8.35 million (May 2012) Landline V/s Mobile Users Formed in 1991 History Introduction Micromax entered into handset market in 2008
Within 3 years it has become the 3rd largest handset manufacturer in India.
12th largest handset manufacturer in the World.
Product portfolio:- more than 115 models which includes dual-SIM phones, QWERTY, touch-enabled smart-feature phones, 3G Android Smartphone's.
It is present across 14 locations including Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, UAE,.. Market Share Business to Business relations Our handsets in this product category
have an LED flashlight, FM radio
and color screen. We currently offer six models in this category. Product Extensive price range starting at Rs.999 varies across 114 models in market
Providing same functionality at low price in comparison to other market players

-Dual SIM Phones starting at Rs.1200

-QWERTY phones starting at Rs.1500

-Andriod Phones starting at Rs.3900

-Tablet (Funbook) starting at Rs.5975 Price Micromax Service Plaza -“Speed, Smile, Sure”

Brand building
through cricket

Co-branded phones

Associated with

Tie-up with Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna Promotion THE AGENCY : LOWE LINTAS

India’s largest and most storied communication group
To create awareness
To increase recall of their brand
To create brand equity
Shelled out more than 100 cr. Advertisements Other than these branded stores there are more than 70,000 retail stores Place 2 Year Warranty for most of
the handsets

Exchange offers Customer acquisition
retention BRAND BUILDING Punch logo is a true reflection of the Micromax brand which is young, innovative, dynamic, bold, extrovert and fun
Logo revealed at the Asia Cup 2012; in India Pakistan match.
Unique initiative
Targeting the youth
Crowd sourcing approach to be seen as a social brand Since the existence of its hardware segment
Weaker appeal and attraction
Initially focus was on products and not brand LOGO TRANSITION The line wants to convey that every product from Micromax has something unique
How it differentiated itself:

*30 day battery backup
(Micromax X1i)
* Initiated women line of devices (Micromax Bling)
*Remote and gesture control phones (Micromax X235)
*Dual-SIM phones (115 models)
*Affordable prices (100 models) @ Rs. 999 to Rs.10,000 “Nothing like anything” Corporate Social Responsibilities NOKIA MOBILES
Low Priced models
High durability

Wide variety of handsets

Feature rich phones for budget users
High battery back up

High security level encryption Competitors’ USP Analysis
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