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Justin Pasko

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 8 January 2018

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Transcript of Justin Pasko

Spinning Jenny
Justin Pasko
Samuel Slater
Samuel Slater did not invent the Spinning Jenny but he industrialized it. Samuel Slater is known as the father of Founder of the Industrial Revolution. Samuel Slater was an immigrant from England. In England he is known as Slater the traitor. In England workers in the textile industry were forbidden to immigrate or leave to another country. He immigrated by disguising as a farmer.
Samuel Slater
Moses Brown opened a mill in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The company was called to use Spinning Jennies. Samuel Slater offered his services to build them since he remembers the design from England. Slater split from Brown. Slater then started his own textile mill. Slater owned 13 textile mills. He had a million dollars when he died in 1835. Now 1 million dollars in 1835 is about 27 million dollars.
James Hargreaves
James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny. The spinning Jenny was created when his daughter Jenny knocked over the spinning wheel and had an idea that multiple spindles can be on 1 wheel. He took 5 years to create the Spinning Jenny. The machine was a spinning wheel with 8 spindles attached to it. He dint file a patent so many people copied his idea of the Spinning Jenny.
James Hargreaves
James Hargreaves
In 1770 his patent was rejected because he sold many without a patent. Later someone created one with a steam engine. This took over the textile industry in England.
The Spinning Jenny raised the bar for future inventions. The Invention of the Spinning Jenny lead to the invention of the water frame. People lost their jobs as a result of the Spinning Jenny.
Interesting facts
After the invention of the Spinning Jenny textile workers in his town broke into his house and broke all of the Spinning Jennies
The Spinning Jenny allowed the operator to work 8 spools at once. The Spinning Jenny evolved and the spools increased all to 100-200.

Samuel Slater
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